My husband and I hope to retire to Málaga, Spain and I have been gathering links to websites with all kinds of retirement-related information, so I thought I’d create a post to put them all in one place.  And, as I find more, I will add them here.

Visa information and retiring to Spain

From the Social Security Administration


Teaching English

One thing I am considering is teaching English once we retire to Spain.  I have always wanted to be a teacher and I’ve come across many blogs of Americans teaching English in Spain.  I am intrigued and may pursue this not only as a means to make a little extra money but also to fulfill a dream of mine.

Living in Spain

Health insurance

Since we won’t be able to use Medicare, we’ll need to find insurance elsewhere.

  • Health, Safety, and Insurance for Travelers and Expatriates Abroad – from, another page full of useful links
  • Expatriate healthcare – found via
  • A friend of mine has insurance through MAPFRE. I don’t know much about them but they are apparently big in Spain so I thought I would list them here as well.  Another one I’ve learned of is Sanitas.  And one more is Adeslas.
  • I learned of something called Convenio Especial and if I understand it right, after you’ve lived there for a year you can apply for this insurance.  Here’s one link and I’ll need to research later.

Retirement in general

For the trip across the Atlantic:

Queen Mary 2

If anyone out there reading this has other links and/or suggestions, please leave a comment and I’ll update this page.  Thank you!

15 responses to “Retirement

  1. Can I also suggest Karen McCann’s excellent book Dancing in the Fountain: How to Enjoy Living Abroad and for relocation assistance, Lisa Sadleir at Costa Consulting Bureau Both lovely people with years of experience living in Spain and full of helpful advice and suggestions!

    • you sure can!! thank you! I already subscribe to Lisa’s blog and getting that info is great. thanks for stopping by and for your comments and advice. much appreciated.

  2. What a nice link set for retirement. I am a paralegal in IL and am impressed with all of your links. Jackie

  3. Hi,

    I just found your blog and want to know if you may be interested in providing a guest post for our site Retirement And Good Living ( about your plans to retire in Málaga, Spain.

    Please send me an email if interested and I will forward additional information.



  4. Looking forward to reading more about your retirement in Spain. Is it still a plan or did it happen already? Sounds like a dream!

    • it’s still a plan! as long as our nest egg doesn’t burst into flames (meaning the stock market crashes…). and even then, hubby is worried we won’t have enough money. as I just discovered that the income level required to get a retirement Visa in Spain has gone waaaaaaay up!! fingies still crossed that it will work. thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  5. sandy feinzig

    Hi Toby: Thank you for sharing this information. I am currently working in Afghanistan and as a professional expat for almost twelve years, looking for a ‘home’ after this job is finished. I would like to follow your ‘explorations’ in Malaga…my email is, just in case.

  6. George

    What a helpful website. I’m glad I stumbled upon it. My girlfriend and I are in Chicago (just a few blocks from the Spanish Consulate) and are looking at spending a couple of months in Malaga and Valencia and Barcelona this winter in order to investigate those areas for retirement purposes. We’re retired now and spent six weeks in Portugal this winter for the same purpose. It was great, but we don’t want to ignore Spain even though getting residency in Portugal looks easier. Anyway, thanks again for the good blog and helpful tips.

  7. Dawnie

    I used Allen and Elle’s Spainbuddy a lot for my research. is their site and this is the bit about moving
    We found them really helpful by email too. We chose Almeria in the end and it helped having someone who could give good and bad for different areas.
    Your list is great and I’ve saved the link for my friend who wants to move too.

    • Thanks Dawnie for the information. I had seen Spain Buddy before. I think I must be missing something as I don’t find any information on moving to Malaga. I’ll look at the site again in more depth shortly. How long have you been in Almeria? and are you enjoying it? Thanks for stopping by, it’s greatly appreciated :)

  8. Dawnie

    I’ve definitely seen Malaga city because I think that’s how I found them in the first place and they also do other places in the province. We’ve been here since September so are still noobs really. But we really like it. We’re only 20 minutes from the beach and everyone seems really nice so far. Still trying to learn Spanish but we’re getting there. Thanks for replying and enjoy Malaga.

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