Learning Spanish

I have a degree in Spanish but that doesn’t mean I know all there is to know about speaking, reading or understanding Spanish.  Not even close! I graduated in 1982 and I did not get a job utilizing my Spanish.  For our trip in 2010(I have various posts here about that trip, here’s a sample about Barcelona), I wanted to be sure that I could guide my family around Spain.  And since I had not used my Spanish in a long while, I practiced and practiced by reading all kinds of things in Spanish and having a few pen pals in Spain who were learning English.  We would write in both English and Spanish and then correct each other’s errors.  In that process, I collected a lot of resources on learning Spanish.  I thought it would be nice to have all these resources in one spot.  So, here we go!

Notes in Spanish

I found this site years ago and joined their forum(the forum is no longer active but one can still view the posts there). It was created by a couple who live in Madrid, Ben and Marina.  I found a lot of great information as well as fun videos to watch to continue learning Spanish.  They do a great job and I have learned a great deal. Here are some links with helpful learning advice from their forum and podcasts:

Other sites

As I find more I will update this page.  If anyone reading this has other sites they visit that they like and that have helped you, feel free to leave a comment and I will update this page. Thanks! And happy learning :)

5 responses to “Learning Spanish

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  2. I have a degree in Italian. We have to speak French, living in Quebec. Spanish is way up on my list of things to do if I can ever find the time to dedicate myself to learning another language. You are so kind to share all your sources. So glad you stopped by Jittery and I got a peek into your world!

    • it was that yummy recipe!! I need to save it now so that I don’t forget about it. saw it this morning and promptly forgot all about it until you stopped by. so thanks for stopping by to remind me where I saw you :) Glad you enjoyed your peek into my world.

  3. What a fantastic list! I’ll be coming back here for sure! Saludos. :-)

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