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My 2017 in photos

Here we are on New Year’s Eve taking stock of the year. My year included a couple of trips, one to Chicago in March another to northern Virginia to see my mother, my sister and extended family over Labor Day Weekend. I hadn’t seen my mother in over a year and a half so I wanted to see her again. That turned out to be the last time that I saw her alive as she passed away December 15 after a nasty fall. She basically did not recover from the fall that broke her nose and left her in a lot of pain. I am sad that she is gone but thankful that I had her for as long as I did and I’m thankful she is no longer in pain. Included at the end of this gallery are a collection of photos of my mother. She was the best mom a girl could have. I love you Mom. Until we meet again. Godspeed.

I plan to write more about my mother at a later time. For now, here’s a photographic summary of my year. Happy new year everyone.

A separate gallery for photos of my mother:


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My 2016 in photos

As in past years I’ve compiled a review of my year in the photos below.  I hope you enjoy.


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My 2015 in photos

Happy new year everyone!!


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2014 in photos

A recap of my year, in photos.


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My 2013 in photos

I had so much fun putting this together last year that I thought I would do it again.  So, not many words this time. Just a recap of my year in photos.


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Weekly Photo Challenge – My 2012 in Photos

Oh boy, another photo challenge!  And what a great way to sum-up the year too.

To check out other entries click here.  Enjoy!!!


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