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Córdoba, España

Back to more posts about Spain!!  This one is about our day trip to Córdoba from Málaga, one of only a few nice weather days that we had on our trip.  It started out chilly but warmed nicely by midday.  We had tickets for a table for this train ride which was something new. When searching for these tickets, it was cheaper to buy four seats at a table than three regular seats.

It’s only about an hour train ride but it travels through very scenic countryside and pretty soon you’re in Córdoba.  Such a cute and very walkable little town with ancient buildings including the big draw, La Mezquita (the mosque).  We opted to take a taxi instead of walking to the Mezquita and the driver dropped us at the front door.  The moment you walk into the mosque you can smell how old it is.  What lies in front of you are row upon row of white and red arches, 856 of them! This humongous building has been through many transformations, starting out as a church, then it became a mosque and in the 16th century King Carlos V had a cathedral built in the middle of the mosque!  It is the strangest building I’ve even seen. The king himself did not like the way the cathedral turned out and famously said “they have taken something unique in all the world and destroyed it to build something you can find in any city”.  I hope you will enjoy this gallery of the inside of the mezquita/catedral:

Afterwards we strolled along the streets near the Mezquita to view one of three remaining Jewish synagogues in Spain, the other two are in Toledo.  It is so tiny that it’s hard to imagine people worshipped in there.  We made our way to Plaza de las Tendillas where we had lunch and visited some shops.  We wandered around some more and soon it was time to catch our train back to Málaga.

I will leave you with one of my favorite photos from the trip, taken from the train on our way back to Málaga:


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Just got home from Spain!!

Hello out there!!  I just got home from Spain and have so many tales to tell!  After I decompress and sort it all out I’ll share them with you.  I hope you’ll come along for the ride but in the meantime I thought I would share a brief snapshot of a few of our adventures.

We spent two weeks in Spain to celebrate our 25th anniversary.  I had three great hotels booked and all met and even exceeded our expectations.  All the staff at every hotel were so friendly, helpful and on top of everything! We had some bumps along the way but overall it was a resounding success.  I met up with several blog and travel forum friends and ate fabulous food.  The weather was not at all ideal and was windy most of the time.  But you can’t plan on the weather and we carried on with most of our plans and had a great time.

Okay, as promised, here is a gallery of some of the things we saw.  I’ll be back soon to tell some tales.


Madrid and Toledo:

Córdoba and Barcelona:



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Our visit to Córdoba, España

Hubby and I took a day trip to Córdoba while we were in Málaga in March 2011. It was raining so we brought along the umbrellas that we purchased for our May 2010 trip, but never did use that time. This trip we did use them but really, not terribly often. I was glad we had them the morning of our trip to Córdoba as a light rain was falling. Because of the rain, we took a taxi from the train station to La Mezquita instead of walking and getting wet. We were dropped off at the gate to the Patio de los Naranjos(below), found the ticket booth and soon we were inside the ancient place(s) of worship.


La Mezquita is a curious place indeed. I had read about the cathedral within the mosque and marveled at how strange it looked.  While discussing our trip with friends in Málaga that evening, I learned that there originally was a Visigothic church on the site before the mezquita was built.  So, it went from a church, to a mosque, to a mosque with another church inside.  Very curious indeed. I was told that upon seeing the cathedral for the first time Charles V said: “You have destroyed something unique to make something commonplace.”

Once you enter the mosque you get a keen sense of how ancient it is.  It smells old which is very hard to describe unless you’ve been in an old building. The famous red and white arches seem to go on forever, they are everywhere you look.


Here is the Mihrab:


A beautiful dome:


Ornate choir loft:


Beautiful ceilings, always remember to look up!!


More beautiful ceilings:


Minaret and Patio de los Naranjos:


La Mezquita from the Roman bridge, in the rain:


Maimonides and me, in the rain – he was a Jewish philosopher and physician who lived in Córdoba 1135-1204:


Don Quijote y Sancho Panza – Taberna Guzmán:


After touring the mezquita, we walked through the old Jewish part of town (La Judería) and found Taberna Guzmán along the way so we stopped for a bit of refreshment and a bite to eat and to get out of the rain.  We had a nice meal of tapas and when we left the rain had stopped so we put away those umbrellas.  Notice the smile cuz he doesn’t have to use his umbrella ;)


I wasn’t so sure it wouldn’t rain again:


We walked through the old town, found Plaza de las Tendillas (below) and all the fun shopping streets around the plaza too.



We went into a couple of shops but we didn’t buy anything.  Afterwards we walked along Paseo de la Victoria and los Jardines de Diego de Rivas, which was very beautiful, on our way back to the train station. What a contrast from the morning. The sun had come out and it was pleasant and now in the 60s. It had turned into a beautiful afternoon.  These are the kinds of rainy days that I can deal with,  ones that start out with light rain and then clear up for the afternoon.  Of course when travelling it’s better if it doesn’t rain at all but we were there at the end of winter after all so good weather isn’t always the norm.  We headed back to Málaga, met with friends for drinks and then wandered around Larios street and its environs before heading back to our hotel for our last night in Málaga.  Even with the little bit of rain in the morning, it was still a great trip.


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