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On one side there were Nazis and on the other side there were no Nazis and Trump still came down on the wrong side. #charlottesville

Thank you Helen! She is spot on and this one’s too good not to share.

Margaret and Helen

helen-mug1From Helen:

Margaret, several people have asked me why I haven’t been writing. The truth is, honey, this isn’t funny anymore. Our President… scratch that… the moron currently occupying the White House just equated George Washington to Robert E. Lee. He can’t understand why a memorial to the symbolic founding father of our country is different than a memorial to a general in an army that fought a failed rebellion against our government.

Mr. President, with no respect intended, I implore you to please step down. You are not qualified for the position you now hold. Quite frankly, you are not qualified to be much more than a reality TV star, a position I hold in very low regard by the way.

There is a reason that in Germany you will find no statues of Hitler, no monuments to the Third Reich, and noChancellor of Germany suggesting there was blame…

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An Open Letter To Donald Trump From Some Angry Women.

Another must read. I repeat this blogger’s sentiment: We won’t go back!!!!!

Drifting Through


Dear Mr. Trump… can I call you Mr. Trump? Is that ok? I want you to be happy, that’s very important to me.

Before I get started, let me say this letter isn’t from all women. The Trumpettes surely won’t approve of this message. But this is from most women.

We see right through you. We have all known you at some point. Your ways are not unfamiliar to us. We see through you because we’ve been dealing with you our whole lives.

We heard you call women pigs. And disgusting. And stupid. And bimbos.

We watched as you called a former Ms. Universe “Ms. Piggy” and then spent four days continuing to insult her.

We see your weakness. Your lust for attention at any cost, your need to denigrate women. We see all of it. And we’re mad.

Yes. We’re mad. And fired up. And here’s the thing about us……

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The boys – Fritz and Eddie

I’ve been meaning to create a post with photos of my darling boys.  At long last, here it is.  I hope you all enjoy it. I had fun putting it together. Click anywhere in the gallery to see larger photos.

Just a few words about my boys and cats in general….

Once upon a time, in a land, far, far away I met a boy who loved cats.  “What am I going to do?” I thought at the time. Give up on the boy, or go with the flow and hope I adjust to cats?  Because he certainly wasn’t going to budge, I could see that from the get-go. I was raised with dogs but cats had always liked me so maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. When we moved in together, naturally he wanted to get cats.  And I wanted a puppy…….so, we got both!  Goldi was our golden retriever, Gold Dust of the Sierras was her registered name.  She was wonder dog and a great friend.  Bert and Ernie, the kittens we adopted from the humane society, got their names quite by accident.  As we were rescuing them from the shelter we were asked what their names would be.  Well, we didn’t have much time to think about it so hubby just said “call them Bert and Ernie” and it stuck.  So, yes, we had three young pets at the same time.  It was fun!!  But I wonder if I’d do that again.

Since pets don’t last forever, over the years we had a couple more cats.  Clyde was a great friend too, very skittish and would never let Miss M touch him, but he was a sweetie and I loved him dearly.  We got Clyde after Bert died.  Eddie arrived after Ernie went on to cat heaven to join his pal Bert.  And Fritz came on the scene after Clyde passed on.  We did not get another dog and as you can see I have turned into a cat person.  They are such great companions and friends and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.


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Laugh your way to health

I loved this post so much that I needed to share it. Laughter truly is the best medicine!


laughter is the best medicine


Laughter is the best medicine’: we’re always being told that, but there’s actually more to a good giggle than just raising our spirits for a couple of minutes. Research shows that while children laugh up to 400 times a day, adults do it only 17 times a day, on average.

In fact, laughter therapy is a big deal and can improve your health in lots of different ways. Just check out these 10 benefits of chuckling…


  • Reduces risk of heart disease. Research shows that laughing expands the inner walls of the arteries thereby increasing the blood flow. Furthermore, this positive effect lasted for 30-45 minutes.


  • Checks blood pressure. When you laugh, the blood flow increases and the blood pressure rises. But when you stop laughing, blood pressure drops back to its baseline. This relaxing effect helps bring down blood pressure.


  • Laughing boosts the immune system

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Fellow bloggers: How do you upload photos to your blog?

I’m updating with a new title hoping to get some ideas.  Perhaps I will post this in the help forums as well.

I have been using Webshots to link photos into my blog posts.  Last night I went there to upload some pics for a post and I was redirected to this site.  I signed up but I’m not seeing a way to link pics to my blog.  Unhappiness-making!!  But, I’m not going to panic just yet.  Nothing good ever comes from panicking.  Instead I decided to write this out in the hopes that readers will share with me what they’re doing.  Or if there is a way to continue to link pics to my blog via this new website, that would be great information to have as well.

I think what this means is that all the pics that I’ve uploaded via webshots will disappear :(  Did I mention unhappiness-making? I am not sure what to do and am seeking opinions and advice.

I am curious how others share pics on their blogs.  I have used a combination of direct upload to my blog here and webshots.  But most of my pics are from webshots.  How do you share pics on your blog?

Thank you in advance for any help!  I will leave you with a nice directly uploaded photo to enjoy while I contemplate what to do.

Patty pan squash at the farmers’ market:


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