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my bat story

If you enjoyed my mice adventure, surely you’ll enjoy this story.  I was thinking about how many more things I would need go through to complete my Minnesota adventure.  It seems we’ve covered a lot of ground when it comes to “things that could happen to you in Minnesota”. We’ve had several flooded basements, ice dams and the ensuing leaky ceiling, a mice infestation that I hope is finally over and then there’s the story of the bats.  The bats lived in the house from hell.

Our first year in Minnesota was spent at a rental house in one of the nicest neighborhoods in St. Paul.  But it was definitely not one of the nicest houses. The weekend we were moving in the kitchen ceiling fell down. Luckily our cats, Bert and Ernie, were not in there at the time.  Next, our landlord hired the cheapest roofers on the planet and they forgot to put tarps on the roof a Friday before a torrential downpour.  I had every pot and bowl I owned making a line from the dining room on into the living room then turning right to go into the spare bedroom collecting water from that downpour.  Oh yes, fun times. And did I mention the broken elbow in the back of that house? Okay, that was me being in too much of a hurry and had nothing to do with that house. But it did happen at that house.  I learned a huge lesson that winter.  Baby steps is my mantra all winter now.

Towards the end of our year there I was asleep on the couch late at night when I heard the cats making noise.  When I turned on the light they were both sitting, looking up at the bat that was hanging from my ceiling.  Oh boy, how do we get it out of the house?? I woke the husband and he managed to shoo it out the back door with a broom.  I hid in the bathroom :)

Prior to seeing this bat I was hearing noises in the walls, which I now know were the bats.  Curiously, the husband thought I was hearing things…..UNTIL he saw Ernie staring at the wall listening to the bats.  So funny that man.

Here’s a short update on the mice situation.  The last mouse to leave the house was Tuesday and we are now to Friday. I have not yet looked at the traps but I suspect and hope, hope, hope they continue to be empty!!

Happy Friday everyone!!

Here are Bert and Ernie as kittens, a photo I took home from my mother’s house. It’s a photo of a photo as scan was not working:

And just for fun, for the Fritz fans “please, can I have some of your dinner?”:


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