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CBBH Photo Challenge: Same subject, different time

I had two photos in mind for this challenge and then never got around to posting this.  So here I am, a few days late with last month’s challenge.  Marianne of East of Málaga hosts  this monthly photo challenge.  Do check out other entries here.

These two photos were taken a month apart and you can see what early spring and late spring look like on our local pond.

You see all that green “muck” (otherwise known as algae)?  The pond was completely covered in that muck about a week after the bottom photo because we had days upon days upon days of rain and no sun.  As soon as the sun came out, the muck dissipated.  And thank goodness too.  It looks so much better without it.

Next I’m supposed to link two blogs that I’ve commented on or visited in the last month.  But, the truth is that I haven’t done much blogging in the last month or so.  But here are two blogs I enjoy.  I hope you will too.  Tamarind and Thyme is one that gets me hungry each time I read a post.  I love to eat and cook and so does Su-Lin, the author of this great blog.  She posts about great places to eat and recipes and all contain such enticing photos of the food.  Oh, yum!!

Looking for bars, restaurants or shopping in Madrid? This blog (in Spanish because, you know, I have to practice la lengua!) is a great resource for those of you that know Spanish. And even if you don’t, the photos are fun too.  I hope you enjoy Madrid Diferente.


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