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A visit to southern Florida

Florida is not my number one destination but I was there the first week of January for my mother’s burial.  She died in December and my sister, our sister-in-law and I traveled to Hollywood, FL to bury her beside her husband of 21 years(my stepfather).  The weather was not the best due to the “bomb cyclone” that was heading up the east coast. But it was still better than remaining in the frozen tundra where we were experiencing a deep freeze with temps below zero.  It was nice to get a break from that!  It was raining the day we got there and the day of the graveside burial it was very windy.  We were grateful that the funeral home offered to us to have our service inside.  Mom was 94 and had dementia for many years, I think it started in 2010.  She had a great fall the day before Thanksgiving and never recovered. While I am sad that she’s gone, I am grateful that she is no longer in pain. We’re having a memorial for her in Clifton, VA where my mother lived with my sister for the past nearly 3 years.  I will be writing something to say for the memorial and I’ll post that here when it’s done.

I decided to extend my trip to southern Florida to visit with my good friend Bev, who I have known since 10th grade. She lives in Boca Raton. We met in band, we both play the flute and by 12th grade we shared first chair because our director couldn’t decide who was better. We have kept in touch and have had a few chances to see each other over the years.  The last time was when she and her older daughter came to St. Paul to see a play.  We met them for dinner one night just over five years ago.  I needed a break from the frozen tundra and lucky for me Bev was in town!

Bev and I have many things in common, one of which is that we’re both very organized.  Before I arrived she had given me ideas of things to do while I was there but I had no idea she was going to create an agenda for us.  When she showed me to my room, there on the bed was our agenda with a big “Welcome to Florida!” on top.  It was so cute! And she did say we didn’t have to do everything as planned.  She made me breakfast every day and she had picked out a few places of interest for us to visit and all were loosely scheduled.  I switched two of them because of the weather and it all worked out great!  We had so much fun visiting the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden and Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens.  We went shopping in Del Rey Beach and had a nice lunch too. I of course took photos so I hope you will enjoy a photo display of these three great places to visit in southern Florida.

We went to Gumbo Limbo Nature Center first and it was a chilly day so we didn’t see everything there.  We looked at and admired the beautiful fish in their outdoor tanks, peeked into the research area and checked out their gift shop.  It’s too bad it was too chilly or we’d have taken a walk on their boardwalk and checked out the many varieties of plants and animals. I did enjoy the fish tanks and Bev was particularly fond of the parrotfish whose excrement supplies a large percentage of the sand on the beaches of southern Florida. Bev brings everyone who visits her to Gumbo Limbo and she knows so much about it that I suggested she volunteer there. It seems like a win/win to me.

The next day we visited Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. This was the one place I absolutely had to see.  As most people know, I love flowers and the chance to visit a tropical botanic garden while I was in southern Florida was a chance I did not want to miss. It was my favorite of the three places we visited.  I enjoyed all three places for different reasons.  I loved learning about the turtle rehabilitation and research going on at Gumbo Limbo.  And visiting it with Bev, I learned so much that I never knew! But it doesn’t compare to Fairchild.  Wow! It’s near Miami so it was at least an hour from Boca Raton and you get to drive through some gorgeous neighborhoods.  More wow.  And this was our best weather day so that really helped for just a fabulous day. You have to take the tram tour.  It’s so interesting and you learn about all the plants and what goes on in all the buildings as well as some history about the place.  The tram driver and tour guide stopped along the way for photo ops.  After the tram tour we walked around, ate lunch and visited the butterflies. The first gallery are some photos from the tram tour and others that I took when we were walking around.

The next gallery consists of the butterfly building.  So many beautiful and delicate butterflies.  At certain times of the day they will place a butterfly on you so Bev did that and while I was taking a photo of her with her butterfly one landed on me!  They tell you to watch where you step as they land on the ground as well.  We did see a few on the ground.

Next are some photos of the art exhibit, The Art of Balance.  These were all up in the air throughout the gardens. They’re all part of a temporary exhibit and they were  so interesting!  I tried posing as one of them and you’ll see the photo that Bev took of me in the next gallery.

My last gallery from Fairchild consists of the handful of Chihuly sculptures that are there.  They are all so beautiful.

On the day that I was scheduled to go home Bev took me to Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens.  My flight was departing in the late afternoon so we had time for another tourist stop.  Another fascinating place! We got there when it opened and it was so quiet and peaceful.  We headed out to tour the gardens on foot.  There are rock gardens, bamboo gardens and I especially enjoyed the bonsai display. There is a museum about how the Japanese came to southern Florida and how the gardens were formed. They recreated a typical Japanese house complete with food containers in Japanese and an example of a grade school class.  We saw a bird that was a cross between an egret and a peacock that was swimming in the water as well as an alligator.  Towards the end we saw coy and other fish and one turtle in another body of water.  We enjoyed a lunch of salmon and rice and visited their gift shop.  You have to visit the gift shops.  So many beautiful and interesting things to buy!

I am not a huge fan of Florida mostly because of things that I dealt with while my mother still lived there.  And it occurred to me after this trip that I never really spent time visiting any sights.  My sister and I (and occasionally our brother) would fly into Ft. Lauderdale and head to Mom’s place in Pembroke Pines. We were there to visit Mom, which was always fun.  So it was nice to see some of the wonderful things southern Florida has to offer.  I’m still not a big fan.  Too many strip malls and it’s way too crowded for my taste.  But, if you’re visiting southern Florida, I highly recommend any of these three fabulous places.

I’ll close with a couple of photos from the plane. The coast of Florida and Chicago at night.  Enjoy!!


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A day at the art museum

On our recent trip to Duluth I saw billboards for the Minneapolis Institute of Arts along the highway.  The one that grabbed my attention said Picasso.  And I love Picasso!  And so here is an instance where marketing actually worked.  That billboard gave me the desire to visit this fine museum again.  I believe the last time I went was on a field trip with my daughter’s 2nd grade class.  She’s now in 7th grade so that tells you how long it’s been.  Alas, I saw no Picasso!  We will just have to go back again soon.  There is too much to see in one visit.  And since it’s free, all the more reason to visit more often.

Since it was noon we decided to have lunch in their restaurant, the Mezzanine before perusing the art.  We grabbed a museum guide so that we could decide over lunch what we wanted to see.  Here’s hubby waiting for lunch:

We each got their combo special today.  You had your choice of soup or salad, or soup and sandwich.  I had one, he had the other.  He chose the potato bacon soup with a half chopped salmon sandwich.  I chose the wild mushroom soup with their roasted beets salad.  We each had a cup of chianti as well. We were pretty happy with our choices. I definitely recommend this restaurant even if it’s on the spendy (that’s Minnesotan for pricey) side.  I took photos of our food but mine was too blurry so you only get to see his lunch:

Hanging in the entryway of the museum is a beautiful, bright yellow Chihuly sculpture which can be seen at the restaurant:


We knew we wanted to see the impressionist art but we were intrigued by the Prairie School Architecture and Design section that we saw on the map of the third floor.  Since it was on the way to the impressionism and we love Frank Lloyd Wright we stopped by this exhibit.  We were surprised and delighted to find such an interesting exhibit!  We saw models of Frank Lloyd Wright homes, chairs, a dining table and chairs, windows and doors.  One of the houses was demolished in 1972 and the bench seat was salvaged and rebuilt in the exhibit.  The house overlooked Lake Minnetonka and there is a large photograph behind the window to give the illusion of what it looked like within the actual house.  We spent about 20 minutes here, it was so cool!!  Here is a gallery of some of the things we saw.

I couldn’t resist snapping this great view of downtown Minneapolis:

Downtown Minneapolis from MIA with 24th Street below

Downtown Minneapolis from MIA with 24th Street below

On our way to see impressionist and other art I stopped to capture an architectural view of the museum from the inside:

The museum allows you to photograph anything as long as it’s not on loan and you cannot use a flash.  Luckily there is plenty of light that flash is not needed.  I was able to snap several pieces of art that I enjoyed today.  I hope you enjoy this mini tour of some of the art at the MIA.

Being full with many works of art we decided to call it a day.  On our way out I saw this huge picture of a man at the end of a few successive rooms and thought this was a pretty cool view:

And since we were so close to our favorite music store, The Electric Fetus, we decided to stop in.  I needed to buy the CD by the Grammy winning group “fun” and hubby always needs to check their used vinyl section.  He found two that he absolutely could not live without and I got the one I wanted plus Yo La Tengo’s latest.  Here he is with one of his “prizes” outside the front door:

It was a great outing complete with a nice, warm lunch, some great art and new music to listen to.  If you’re an art lover and live in or are visiting the twin cities, I highly recommend this museum.  What we saw today just barely scratches the surface of all the museum contains.  There is something for everyone here so do stop by!


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Travel Theme: Up

This is for Ailsa’s photo challenge theme for this week.  Do check out more entries at the link, there are lots of cool ones!

This is actually a photo of the ceiling in the Bellagio Hotel’s lobby in Las Vegas and it was created by Dale Chihuly:

One thing I have learned when travelling is to always look up, you never know what beautiful things you might find!  Here’s one more from the Alhambra in Granada Spain:

Beautiful ceiling in La Alhambra

Beautiful ceiling in La Alhambra

I decided to add one more from La Mezquita in Córdoba, Spain.  As I looked through my photos for the Alhambra photo I came across this one too that I just love:


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