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photos of spring in the twin cities

Now that summer is nearly here I realized that I left this post in draft mode and never finished it. There were some very beautiful flowers that I photographed that I’d like to share. Click on any image to see it larger and enjoy!

Next up…..a variety of blooms and plants:

Finally, what would life be like without my helper in the garden? Fritz amongst the lilies of the valley:


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Stunning Iris

Last month I gave you Lovely Iris, this month it’s Stunning Iris.  These have come back year after year, all of them. This year there were only about half the plants that had flowers.  While it is sad, I at least still had these stunning blooms.  I hope you will enjoy them.  I couldn’t decide between two photos which was better so I didn’t choose.  Here are both:



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Lovely Iris

Welp, spring has arrived just in time for summer and you gotta love that timing :)  Today, while checking up on our veggie garden I spotted the lovely iris:


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