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Washington, D.C. in May – day 4

Hello out there! I’m up to day 4 in my continuing series of our trip to Washington, D.C. in May. In case you missed any, here are links for day 1, day 2 and day 3. Do check them out if you’re so inclined.

Day 4 was our last day of the mini heat wave. And what a great day to visit the monuments huh? Yea, not so much. But we went on with our plans, stayed hydrated and took many breaks.

We planned on riding the Circulator bus to take us around the Tidal Basin. For $1 a ride(and $.50 for seniors), you can ride to many popular spots around the mall, except for when the dollar taker didn’t work. I didn’t pay for two of my rides on the Circulator because of this and both drivers told me to keep my dollar. Great!

Our first stop was the Jefferson Memorial. There was work being done here and the easiest entrance was blocked off. We walked around it but not all the way around due to the heat. It just didn’t seem likely that we could get inside. Signs would have been nice telling us that perhaps if we walked all the way around we might be able to get inside. There were no signs so we decided to move on. When we got to the Lincoln Monument we could see people walking up the stairs of the Jefferson Memorial on that other side. Darn it! We thought we could squeeze in another visit on day 5 or 6 but it was not to be so we’ll have to go back after the work is done.

We walked through the extensive FDR memorial. There’s a section for each of his presidential terms with fountains and many of his quotes on the walls. A similar thing was done with the MLK memorial which is next on the way to the Lincoln Memorial. And we stopped to view the Korean War Memorial as well. All were very impressive!

There was a celebration for the 100 years of the Lincoln Memorial the day we were there and it was very crowded. There were speeches being given and musicians from the President’s Marine Band played too. In the audience were a handful of women in Civil War dress and a couple of soldiers in union uniforms. So nice to be there for the celebration! Even if it was hot and crowded. Totally worth it.

We took the Circulator again to the Capitol end of the mall and then got a taxi to the Eastern Market, another new thing for us. I had read about it and thought it would be a good place to have lunch and do a little shopping. We had a hard time finding a restaurant where we could cool off inside and because of the heat I wasn’t feeling much like shopping. But I’m glad we saw the market. There is an indoor market with all kinds of foodstuffs for sale as well as many outdoor stands. There were also musicians entertaining the shoppers.

After our brief tour of the Eastern Market we took the metro to our chosen places for the afternoon. I met friends at the National Gallery of Art and hubby spent time at the pool. Great day for the pool! Hubby met up with us for dinner at another José Andrés restaurant, Oyamel, for Mexican food.

I had perused the National Gallery of Art’s list of suggested pieces and made a list of artworks that I wanted to see. My friends and I had a great time seeking out all those artworks! And we found other treasures along the way.

This was such a full day but so much fun! Even in the heat. There’s more coming in day 5 and without the heat, ha. Day 5 was our Capitol building tour day. After lunch hubby went to the Spy Museum and I went to the U.S. Botanic Garden, one of my favorites! Coming soon so I hope you’ll come back for it 👍


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Miss M goes to Washington

Prompted by Cathy at nomad, interrupted and her fabulous post about our nation’s capitol (do check it out, she takes awesome photos!) I decided to put this post together of my daughter’s first visit to Washington D.C.  I see now that I don’t have that many photos but the day was still very fun and a bit unusual due to the rain.  When you plan something you can’t let the weather stop you right?  Follow along as I show you our rainy day in Washington will you?

We took the metro to the mall and got off near the Smithsonian Institution.  Here’s my sister, myself and our kids who look very tiny in this photo.

we4WA_monumentI can’t remember in what order we saw the handful monuments that we visited that day but we walked all the way to the Lincoln Memorial and back to the same metro station.  We were all exhausted and wet by the time we got back to my sister’s house.

En route we saw the Lincoln Memorial:


We checked out the WWII memorial.  When I lived in northern Virginia I visited the capital many times.  But this was new since the last time I was there.  My father was a WWII veteran so we really wanted to see this memorial in honor of him.  Interesting aside is that he landed on the beach at Normandy and obviously survived that.  But right before the Battle of the Bulge he had to have an emergency appendectomy.  I might not have been here had he gone on to that battle!  The next several photos are from this memorial.

WWII memorialDad was in the army(8th Infantry of the 4th Division, Company M(Cloverleaf)) so I snapped this:

army,WWII memorialEach state in the memorial has a pillar so I made Miss M stand in front of the state she was born in:

MN pillar

Truman wordsAs you can see it was a rather moist day.  But I do enjoy this photo of the Washington monument in the mist taken from the Lincoln Memorial:

WA monumentLincoln(and the two cousins), one of our nation’s best presidents in my opinion:

LincolnAnd this photo really tells the tale don’t you think?  There were ponchos for sale at the kiosks along the mall and we all geared up for our rainy day.  Here’s the group having lunch with ponchos on:

wet lunchOn our way back to the metro station we walked through the Korean War Memorial.  I guess I only took one photo? It’s a very moving memorial and hubby took some awesome photos of it one trip a while ago.  But I think that was before the digital camera revolution so I’m not able to share them here.  Wish I could, he did a great job documenting it!  So, this one will have to suffice:

Korean war memorialHave you ever been to Washington D.C.? What was your favorite thing to do or see there?  I rather enjoyed visiting the National Gallery of Art on occasion when I lived in the area.  I also enjoyed the tour of the White House.  And my mother and I once visited the Holocaust museum, a very harrowing tour that was.  There are so many museums that I think one could spend an entire week there and still not see everything.


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