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Capture the colour contest

Another photo contest? Sure, why not?  Marianne from East of Málaga nominated me.  I do love a challenge so thanks Marianne! Those entering are to find a photo from their travels for each of the colors blue, green, yellow, white and red.  More detailed rules and how to enter can be found at http://www.travelsupermarket.com/c/holidays/capture-the-colour/ The contest ends today so I am getting in under the wire and I won’t get the chance to nominate other bloggers.


This photo was taken at the memorial for the victims of the Atocha train station bombings in Madrid Spain.  When I asked where the memorial was located a gentleman at the information desk pointed upstairs and then I heard him say azul(blue), which I didn’t quite understand.  Once we got upstairs I saw the azul and then understood what the gentleman was trying to say.  The walls of the memorial are blue as well as the entryway’s walls where the names of the victims are inscribed.  Above those blue walls is a circular piece of glass that is several feet high. There are messages from around the world inscribed in the glass.  One of those particularly moved me and it said “Tenemos el deber de no olvidar” (we must never forget). Blue is an appropriate color for this memorial, it evokes a somber mood.


The green olives of Spain found at the Atarazanas market in Málaga.


This is the best tortilla española and it’s from El Brillante in Madrid.


I love this white, ornate ceiling at the Alhambra in Granada, Spain.  While traveling it’s always a good idea to look up, you never know what beauty you might find.


This Coke machine is in the National Automobile Museum in Reno, Nevada.  To learn more and see more pics from this museum, check out the post I wrote about it by clicking here.

Good luck to all the entrants!!  I’ve seen several and all are wonderful.


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