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Weekly Photo Challenge – Signs

Oh but do I have some sign photos!

First, one of the many signs painted on the inside of the Washington Avenue bridge at the University of Minnesota. Various clubs and organizations advertise here. This is just one of them:

Malagueta sign at Malagueta beach, Málaga, España:

A “sign” painted on concrete road blocks in Barcelona:

This sign made us feel welcome in Málaga:

Famous Reno, NV sign at night:

The oldest restaurant in the world, Madrid:

Everyone sing along: “on the street where you live” or in this case where I lived. The street that I lived on in Madrid in 1980-81:

And one last one…..this is another form of street sign in Madrid.  These are so beautiful:

That was fun! For more fun entries, check out this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge or enter yourself. Enjoy!!


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