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Stunning Iris

Last month I gave you Lovely Iris, this month it’s Stunning Iris.  These have come back year after year, all of them. This year there were only about half the plants that had flowers.  While it is sad, I at least still had these stunning blooms.  I hope you will enjoy them.  I couldn’t decide between two photos which was better so I didn’t choose.  Here are both:



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

Gorgeous purple iris

Gorgeous purple iris

Click here for more details on the weekly photo challenge or to see other entries.  This is a Siberian Iris from my garden. Enjoy!!

(NOTE: I had unpublished this post since it had a bad link to the photo. I just found it in my unpublished folder and must have missed updating it when I did that months ago so I republished it now.)


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Siberian Iris

We went out of town this weekend(post coming later!) and upon our return I found my Siberian Iris blooming.  They are so beautiful.




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