Travel theme: Curves

Ailsa’s weekly travel theme is Curves.  I decided to keep it simple with this one choosing one photo from Minneapolis and one from Spain.

The Mississippi river from the Ford Parkway bridge.  You can see the Marshall Avenue bridge in the distance:

And from Spain, the seemingly endless curves of the famous red and white arches in the mezquita, Córdoba:

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7 responses to “Travel theme: Curves

  1. The Ford Parkway Bridge shot is great Tobyo, but you can’t beat the beauty of the curves of the Mezquita, can you? I couldn’t decide between the red and white, or the the ornate arches around the Mihrab (in the end both were culled because they weren’t quite in focus – didn’t have built in flash, back in those days, and I should have used a tripod!). Glad someday posted them :)

    • what’s funny is that I believe this shot was w/o flash? I remember struggling in there to get a good pic and the flash was just not working right and so I had to stand very still for the one here with flash turned off. I have lots of blurry shots, and this one happened to work!

      thanks for your nice comments :)

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