Sunday Post: Morning

Check out Jakesprinter’s Sunday Post for more entries on the theme morning.  I had to go searching for this one, but this is the photo that came to mind for this week’s theme.

Sunrise, winter in Minnesota


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14 responses to “Sunday Post: Morning

  1. SusanaLaBanana

    Wow!! That is a spectacular picture!! It looks “warm and fuzzy” but I bet it was really cold outside!!! Thanks for posting it! :-)

  2. jakesprinter

    Excellent work for this week theme my friend ,Thanks for sharing this wonderful morning image :)

  3. What a striking composition!

  4. What time was that, do you remember? Absolutely stunning shot :)

  5. Wow.. what in congruent colors! it’s startling and remains in one’s memory! great image! z

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