Sunday Post: Wonderful

Nothing makes me feel more wonderful than my “little girl” who just turned 13 the other day. And so this post focuses on her.  I’ve chosen just a few photos that I hope you’ll all enjoy.

First up, a photo I’ve posted before that I just love. One because it’s of my favorite girl and two because it’s of my favorite place on earth: southern Spain. This was taken in Nerja in 2010:


Next, a photo of my wonderful, favorite girl doing what she loves:


Finally, me with my favorite girl and my favorite photo of the two of us.  It makes me feel wonderful to see how happy we both are in this photo:


This is an entry for Jakesprinter’s weekly challenge.  Please do check out other entries on his blog as there are always great entries there!


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20 responses to “Sunday Post: Wonderful

  1. Susan

    Again, best wishes for the Birthday Girl!! Now I say: Has it really been 13 years!! Great pictures, especially the chubby cheeks… ‘bet she’s glad she outgrew those… :-) but the eyes are still taking in all in… :-)

  2. Yes, these are pretty wonderful, Tobyo.
    Hopefully you’ve resolved your uploading problem?

    • nope, just been directly uploading since I discovered webshots went bye bye. Most of my older posts will look awful come 12/1…..sigh….

      but thanks for stopping by and commenting! appreciate it!

  3. jakesprinter

    Wonderful images for this week theme my friend ,Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Such grace, you must love her very much. And that’s a wonderful sentiment, which can be seen in your choice of photos.

  5. She seems to have good poise in that second photo on the ice. Kids ARE wonderful! Here’s my submission

  6. Laurel Oberg

    What a lovely daughter you have Toby! She is one special young lady! Laurel

  7. What a gorgeous daughter and what precious memories you have of her

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