The Strip Club – St. Paul, MN

No, it’s not what you think it is!  This is the restaurant we decided to try for our anniversary this year.  Hubby had read about it and heard nothing but good things about it from everyone that we mentioned it to.  My meal was certainly delicious, however, I doubt that we will return.  For the kind of money that we spent along with the so-so service, it was disappointing enough for us to not want to return.

First thing, which is normal in any old neighborhood restaurant, is the parking.  It’s nonexistent and it’s never deterred us before. It is what it is.  We found a spot on the street about a block away, actually a pretty good spot!

You can see the mounds of snow we still have in the reflection, and that’s me taking the photo.

So far, so good.  Check out this cool staircase!  We had a nice spot upstairs and it’s a one way ride up those stairs.  I started up after taking this photo only to have to come back down to let another customer down the stairs.  I would have loved to sit at that private table by the windows next to the stairs.

As I mentioned, our food was good, but the service was not great for what we paid. We waited a long while for our drinks for example.  I did get some good photos.  Hubby had their strip steak.

I had the duck breast that came with a mixture of sweet and white potatoes.  It was quite yummy!

The waitress did mention that the chef likes to cook the duck on the rare side so suggested that I order it medium.  It was really medium rare which is what I prefer so that was a great tip!  We ordered the fries because we didn’t think there were any accompaniments with our meals.  So, I had a little more starch than I like to have.  But the fries were also yummy! They came with three different sauces: ketchup, a chipotle type sauce and a horse radish-tasting sauce.

So, all in all, a pretty good meal.   I decided I wanted dessert so we got a cream puff with vanilla ice cream and caramelized cashews with chocolate sauce.  Nice and light.

Hubby had ordered an espresso and asked if they had sugar cubes.  The waitress said they didn’t have cubes but had sugar packets.  But she forgot to bring them.  And typically when you make a reservation and mention you’re celebrating your anniversary they do something nice for you.  Perhaps a free drink or dessert.  They didn’t do anything so that was a teensy bit disappointing.  We did have a nice meal out and it was a nice anniversary. 22 years of wedded, er, bliss!!


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10 responses to “The Strip Club – St. Paul, MN

  1. it always seems so strange to see snow and winter coats as i read posts from my perch on the equator! although your service was poor, and the management didn’t seem to thoughtful, you did a grand job of presenting the strip club to us!
    great photos! may you have many many more happy anniversaries together! z

    • It was still a nice evening out with my hunny of nearly 25 years (married 22, together longer) and the food was good. Oh, forgot to mention that my chair felt like it was about to break ;) He offered to switch with me, I decided to just sit very still. Heh. Thanks for your kind comments as usual. I am jealous of your perch on the equator!

  2. Happy Anniversary! It is amazing how service can so significantly affect your dining experience — phenomenal service can improve perception of perhaps otherwise rather ordinary food, while poor service particularly when paying a pretty penny, can quickly diminish the enjoyment factor. We are celebrating number 22 this month, too!

    • well happy anniversary to you too!! we’re going to W.A. Frost next year dag nab it, which is where I wanted to go and we’ve been there a number of times for our anniversary. ‘course things could change and the place could go downhill. unlikely but it could happen. thanks for your comments, much appreciated!

  3. Well the food certainly looks delectable, and very nicely presented,Toby. Happy anniversary to you and hubby. Sorry you weren’t happy with the service. That can really spoil an otherwise perfect evening.

    • the food was good and we had a nice evening out. just not great and for a celebratory meal, meh. so….still glad we tried it. thanks for the kind comments and well wishes, much appreciated :)

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