Weekly Photo Challenge – One Shot, Two Ways

I love the Peanuts character statues all over downtown St. Paul and here’s a pair of the same statue.  For more entries in this week’s challenge, click here.

Oh heck, here’s one more.  They’re so cute!!

I took photos of other Peanuts character statues recently. Do check them out here.


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32 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – One Shot, Two Ways

  1. Susan

    Very cute. There are some in Santa Rosa, Calif., where shultz lived, i believe. They are white and with color, however.

    • there were others years ago all over St. Paul and the newspaper printed all the locations. those were not bronze but very colorful. some still exist and they’re mostly of Snoopy. We like him here too since he’s a native son :)

  2. “Do you think the Great Pumpkin will come by car?” she asked.

  3. This was a great subject! Love the front and back views!

  4. I could offer these guys a home :)

  5. they’re cute and adorable !

  6. Barneysday

    These could also be in Santa Rosa, Ca, Schultz’s hometown. Great pics!

    • I think it was later in life that he moved to Santa Rosa but he grew up in St. Paul(born in Minneapolis) and that’s why he’s honored there with these statues. There are also Peanuts character statues at our state fair. I’m hoping to capture those this weekend when we go, but we’ll see. Glad you enjoyed the pics! and thanks for stopping by :)

  7. Love those characters. Hang on, I’m on a hunt here for Snoopy.

    • they are fun! but I don’t think there are any Snoopy statues downtown. you might find one or two in my Minnesota state fair posts? good luck ;) thanks for stopping by!

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