Weekly Photo Challenge – Good Morning

How about I start with a couple of sunrise photos? From my backyard:

Sunrise, winter in Minnesota

Sunrise, winter in Minnesota

Waiting for the bus to go to work recently:

A typical breakfast in Spain, churros y chocolate:


Okay, I have to add that the above photo does not contain any churros. I include it because I love the photo of this great place in Málaga to have churros y chocolate, Casa Aranda.  It’s also a great spot to people watch.  I highly recommend it!

Churros y chocolate can be eaten at any time and San Ginés in Madrid stays open until the wee hours:

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29 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Good Morning

  1. Your first photo scared me at first glance, I thought you had snow already!!! The Churros y chocolate is an odd looking breakfast!! Obviously, anything dipped in chocolate has to be yummy!!!

    • ha ha, sorry about that!! It was the first photo that came to mind when I saw this week’s theme. oh yes, and it’s not just any chocolate. it is waaaaaaaaaaaay yummy!!

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  3. Looks like my kind of morning, Toby! :-) Ah to be in Spain in the fall!

  4. Susan

    Very beautiful!! I took a lovely picture of the sunrise over eastern Zimbabwe last week that I hope to post when my blog is up and running. Churros y chocolate! I could do with some now. There’s nothing like that here in Zim…

    • hola world citizen! happy to hear from you. I got your letter, thanks! thanks for stopping by and I hope you can get your blog up and running. I’m anxious to read posts about your time in Zimbabwe!

      • Susan

        Glad you got the letter. I was wondering how long the “snail mail” would take. Can you read the postmark? ‘Don’t know if I mailed it the same day I wrote it. I’m working on a post for Multilingual Educator; ‘want to post the pic of the sunrise on Garrulous. Too much to do!! Check my Facebook page!! Hope you are well!!

      • I cannot read the postmark. that part of the stamp didn’t get inked. better to have too much to do than to be bored I always say! get that post done :)

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  6. Mmmmmm chocolate con churros! :)

  7. Love the colors of your first photo. What again is the creature in the coffee cup? Is that the Churros? :>)

    • thanks! yes, the sky was an interesting color that cold morning. I believe it was January. yep, that is the churro. best eaten dipped in the chocolate. yum, yum!!

  8. Aw, churros… they’ve got to be REALLY fresh!

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  10. Churros and chocolate sounds like a delicious way to start the day, Tobyo. :) Loved your morning pics.

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  14. Oooh, that first one chilled me to the bone, Tobyo! I needed the hot chocolate and churros :)
    Your blogroll is looking impressive these days (yes! I’m in there :) ) When I have spare time (ha-de-ha!) I love to visit blogs I don’t know.

    • he he :) I was just thinking of redoing my blogroll, or update it or something….but thanks! glad I could help you find other blogs. I look at other blog rolls too. fun, fun!!

  15. We were first introduced to Churros during a weekend in Santiago de Compostela, but when we enjoyed them as an afternoon snack, we didn’t know that they were often enjoyed during breakfast!

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