CBBH Photo Challenge – Looking down

I didn’t think I would find much for this month’s challenge but after perusing my photos I did find some to share.  Of course I found some from my trips to Spain so I’ll start with those.

Another from the alcazaba in Málaga, this time interesting and beautiful stonework on the ground:

Two from Madrid.  The first is the atrium at Atocha train station which is actually the old train station, the one I used to frequent as a student in 1980-81.  I don’t recognize it at all:

And another looking down on the ground.  This is in Puerta del Sol and it marks the spot from which all highways are measured:

Another gallery from our trip to southern California last year.  We visited Grauman’s Chinese Theater and I snapped many of the foot and hand prints in cement.  There are also some photos of Hollywood’s walk of fame.  One star and a shot of part of the sidewalk that contains the stars.

One of the last photos I took in Santa Monica was of the pier before we descended from atop the hill:

And one last one close to home.  Looking down on the Mississippi River from the Wabasha Street bridge in St. Paul:

Now for my two blog links.  This one is a food blog of someone I met on a political blog and we are facebook friends.  I haven’t commented on it lately but I’m including it anyway.  Just opening the page is soothing seeing all that purple! Patric writes about all sorts of things regarding food along with fun recipes.  Check out Food & Environmental Writings, I bet you’ll like it!

Has everyone been clued into this fabulous site?  One cool site is a great resource for any blogger.  Timethief writes in great detail all sorts of tips for bloggers.  It’s a wealth of information, do check it out!!


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14 responses to “CBBH Photo Challenge – Looking down

  1. Those palm trees inside Atocha Station have grown some since that pic was taken ;-)

  2. Great set of images. I really find the images taken at Grauman’s Chinese Theater very interesting.

  3. Thanks for reminding me of this challenge, Tobyo. I might well make use of it :) Happy Sunday to you! It was a lovely sunrise here too (NOT habitually !)

    • you’re welcome! I’m sure you’ll come up with something wonderful. and I know that feeling of the sunrise not being habitual. it’s one thing that makes living here in the frozen tundra, er, challenging ;) Happy Sunday back at ya!!

  4. Fantastic photos, Toby – I have to say I love the view of the bullrings in both Malaga and Seville :)

    I knew about the market in Puerta del Sol, but I have to admit that when I visited I totally forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder :)

    Love One Cool Site – so useful, so I’ll hop over to your other link … right away!

  5. vastlycurious.com

    I would LOVE to go here! I was wondering if Marianne saw this and I spy her comment! Lush living!!

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