Weekly Photo Challenge – Family

I’ve got two family photos, both of my mother’s family.  The first was taken in 1939 when she was 16.  She is seated second from left next to her mother.  Her father is standing behind my grandmother and her brother, my uncle, stands to the right of him.  Seated are my grandfather’s three sisters.  Behind them are their husbands and at the right are two of the children from one of the pairs.  I love this photo. (Editing: I just realized that there are only two husbands for the three sisters. Okay, one wasn’t married! oops…)

Leidermans 1939

Next is a photo from 2010.  My siblings, myself and our families all traveled to Florida to have Thanksgiving with my mother.  It had been a very long time since we all had Thanksgiving together and it was so much fun.  My sister, sister-in-law and myself are all great cooks and we had such fun putting the meal together.  I hope we can do it again!

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22 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Family

  1. How posing for family pictures has changed. :-)

  2. for sure, that must have been a nice meal with so many cooks!

  3. Oh, i like those type of post with before vs now. Great

  4. Love these. In addition to the attire differences, I love the ladies, all but one, crossing their feet the same way. Your mothers was a lovely young lady. Nice family.

  5. Amy

    Precious photos, precious moments! Thank you for sharing, Tobyo!

  6. I love those old fashioned photos in sepia tones, like the one of your mother’s family. The modern day family looks very happy and more relaxed, for sure. Those old pictures made everyone seem to formal and serious!!

    • me too! there are so many that I’ve seen in my mother’s collection where noone is smiling. in this one at least my uncle is almost smiling, which would be typical of him.

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  11. Susan

    I want to see a picture of YOU when you were 16, next to your mom. I’m sure you would look like twins!!

  12. Great contrasting family pics, Tobyo. Your mom must have been thrilled to have the family all together for Thanksgiving. :)

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