a collection of autumn scenes

It’s been a fairly nice fall season here in the frozen tundra and I’ve been able to get outside for walks amongst the beauty of the changing leaves.  Today we took a walk around the lake at the park and below are some of those scenes.  It’s a beautiful time of year!! Especially when the weather is agreeable :)

Street scenes:

Some colorful leaves up close:

Finally some scenes from the park today:

Probably our last two cukes of the season. Look how big one of them got!!

And for all the Fritz fans, here he is in the weeds:


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21 responses to “a collection of autumn scenes

  1. The fall pictures are awesome. I’m still waiting for our trees to agree to accept fall and dress up in gay apparel. Today, the sun smiled and the weather was gorgeous for our Thanksgiving gathering. BIG cukes. What do you do with them when they are that large?

  2. How beautiful!
    Fall is my favourite season!

  3. Thanks for the fall pix. Those are some cucumbers!!

  4. Beautiful colors! Fall is my favorite time of year and we are having a beautiful season here as well. Love the pic of Fritz :) Hoping fall lasts longer than usual!! Enjoy!

  5. A beautiful autumn gallery, Toby. Love the last one with kitty hiding in the grass. :)

  6. Such lovely colours! Glad to see all’s looking good in your world :)

  7. Amy

    Giant size of the cucumbers! Beautiful kitty, Tobyo. I almost missed this beautiful post.

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