my third blogoversary redux

How could this be a redux you say? Well, I am having technical difficulty with the one I started so I am going to do something different and hope this works better.

For my last two blogoversaries I created posts with a recap of some favorites over the past year including some photos.  I was having trouble inserting text after posting a photo. Instead I am going to link all the favorites first, then you can have a photo tour in the form of a gallery. That seems to work well lately so I’m going with it!  Thanks to all my followers once again.  Here’s to another year of blogging fun!!

To start, here is a restaurant review from W.A. Frost where we dined for our 23rd anniversary. Next, some weekly photo challenges that were popular with fellow bloggers: Weekly Photo Challenge – Inside,  Weekly Photo Challenge – letters and Weekly Photo Challenge – Spring.

Early last spring I did a review of Babani’s Kurdish Restaurant.  Oh yum!!  In walks with my sister, there are some fun reflection photos.

Last summer, I went to Chicago for my aunt’s 95th birthday party.  It was a blast!  I also collected photos of sunsets at the lake.  While working downtown Minneapolis last year I was able to take walks around and through Gold Medal Park. And that included walking by the 35W Bridge Remembrance Garden and Memorial, a lovely memorial to those that died the day the 35W bridge collapsed. I work in a building that is right next to the rebuilt bridge.

Another collection of photo challenges that were popular with viewers from last fall:  Weekly Photo Challenge – silhouette, Weekly Photo Challenge – signsWeekly Photo Challenge – minimalistWeekly Photo Challenge – yellow and Weekly Photo Challenge – serenity.

To round it out, a summer blooms post and the Minnesota State Fair.  I have two holiday posts, one about our unusual Thanksgiving last year and another celebrating Hanukah.  One last one on our brief, but “full” visit to the Walker Art Center. Hubby always says his eyes are “full” when it’s time to leave the museum and take a break from absorbing all that stimuli.

As promised, what follows is a gallery of some of the favorite photos contained in some of favorite blog posts of the year.  Enjoy!!



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7 responses to “my third blogoversary redux

  1. Wow. How time flies, doesn’t it? Gorgeous summation of the past year. <3 <3 <3

  2. Happy anniversary. Thanks for the rewind. Good luck this year.

  3. You seem to be enjoying it, Tobyo :) And that’s the main thing, isn’t it? I’m still fantasising over those tamales in your latest post :)

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