a weekend up north

We had another successful Memorial day “open the cabin” weekend up north.  We also had a nice, warm and sunny day. Bonus!   Below are a handful of photos. Click on any image in the gallery to see it larger.

I was so busy cooking and cleaning that I didn’t get photos of the food.  I made rhubarb crisp for dessert and look what I happened upon when I went to pick the rhubarb that I brought up to the cabin.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!


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22 responses to “a weekend up north

  1. I miss family gatherings. Don’t have any family to gather with haha. Well I gather every day with my family: my kids. Such beautiful countryside. I miss the countryside too.

    • awe, sorry. that is definitely something we think about when we talk of retiring to southern Spain. the things we will miss…..

      • I guess I’m spared that though hehe. I don’t have any family anywhere, not in Canada either. We were always a small family, just me and my parents. If I were in Canada I wouldn’t have any family to gather with either. So I don’t have any family to miss in Canada. Guess I could be anywhere, and not be missing out on being with my family. As long as my only family, my kids, are with me!

      • oh okay, now that you put it that way ;)

  2. Except for mosquitoes, I love going to the country. You place looks cozy and inviting. Lovely photos, Toby. Thank you for sharing. I like that little green guy in the last photo especially. <3 <3 <3

  3. Great getaway. How was the Rhubarb crisp? Do you serve that as a breakfast dish or as a dessert ?

    • the rhubarb crisp was perfect!! and it’s all gone now. This weekend it was eaten as both breakfast and dessert but normally it’s a dessert :-)

  4. Barneysday

    The thing I miss least about leaving the East Coast all those decades ago are the raging masses of mosquitos. We are lucky to not have them where we live, of course, there is no water for them to breed in.

    Great pictures, reminds me of old family and friends cabins of my childhood.

  5. Amy

    Beautiful cabin! Lovely place to spend the weekend, Tobyo. :) The little fog, what a cool capture!

  6. Looks like a wonderful spot — it was a glorious weekend, wasn’t it?! (at least until today …. ) Hope we see more weather like Saturday’s soon!

    • it was!! well, it started to rain on us so we headed home early yesterday. today wasn’t so bad for us. mostly cloudy and very little rain.

  7. Toby, since we were just chatting about strawberry rhuibarb pie, I thought you might appreciate the link to my friend Daphne’s blog post on the subject. She lives in Vermont. http://beanandbantam.com/2015/05/26/strawberry-rhubarb-pie/comment-page-1/#comment-5014

    Please enjoy, BTG

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