Sagrada Familia, Barcelona España

I almost forgot to create a weekly post from my trip to Spain this week!  Here’s a photo tour of Sagrada Familia.  We were anxious to see the progress in the six years since our last visit and we were pleasantly surprised!  The last time there was scaffolding and machinery on the inside and this time the inside is nearly complete.  What a difference! Come have a look see and enjoy!!  Such a beautiful place and a must for any visitor to Barcelona.

First, some stained glass:

Next some of the interior of the church:

Some from the exterior:

One last set of photos, one from 2010 and the other from 2016. We decided to recreate the photo we took 6 years ago to compare.  What do you think?


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10 responses to “Sagrada Familia, Barcelona España

  1. Been there too. Unfortunately due to our schedule, our tour group didn’t have the time to go inside the cathedral.

  2. Toby, I appreciate the stained glass, but love the people pix at the end. Lean on me….Keith

  3. Amy

    A grand place to visit. Beautiful captures! :)

  4. Susan

    You almost forgot!! Oh my!! Don’t let the trip fall to the back of your mind! Keep it alive!! Set an alarm and keep it all fresh. Beautiful pictures of the church. And those two ladies at the end are timeless – the younger Ms. M looks like the older you…

    • what actually happened was that I had another post in mind to do last weekend but ran out of time to put it together so hopefully this weekend :)

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