Bloggers unite in Málaga!

Or: an afternoon in Málaga, España.  But I just named my previous post beginning with “an afternoon in” and didn’t want to be repetitious don’t you know.  For this week’s post I want to share with you what Marianne from East of Málaga showed us our second day of our most recent trip to Spain.  I’ve been following Marianne’s blog for several years and we always talked about meeting up when I was next in Spain.  And so we did!! And it was such fun.

Marianne and her husband met us in the lobby of our hotel and we headed out on a walking tour of the center of old town Málaga.  I mentioned to her that I was interested in seeing the street art that I had read about and seen photos of, something that was new to us since visiting 5 years ago, so we did that first.  She gave me a brochure entitled MAUS: Málaga Arte Urbano Soho (Málaga Urban Art in Soho).  The brochure contains a map of the locations of all the urban art as well as a bio about each of the artists.  This project hopes to convert Málaga into an internationally renowned city in the art scene, the brochure says.  These pieces of art are really something to behold, each very different than the others.  Some of the artists come from Spain but a few others come from South Africa, Belgium and China. There is also a work by Shepard Fairey (Obey) who is known in the U.S. for his Barack  Obama “Hope” poster during the 2008 election.   Neither my daughter nor myself have photos of it and I can only think that we were so overwhelmed by the fabulous art that we forgot to take a photo of Obey’s piece?  I wish we had had time to go back and see more of these.  They are spread out over several blocks near the Contemporary Art Museum and we had just enough time to see a handful of them before we stopped for refreshment at Cafe Central.  Come have a look at the urban art that is changing this neighborhood in Málaga.  Some of the photos were taken by my daughter and I just realized that for many of these we each took a different type of photo: she took the far away stance whereas I focused more on the details.

I found several stories about this urban art project and I’m sharing them here in case anyone wants more information.  Marianne’s blog post is great and has lots of wonderful photos of the art.  Málaga’s urban street art – MAUS from 2014 has a good photo of the Obey piece.  Another article about the Soho Art District is written by the author (Fiona Flores Watson) of another blog that I follow, Scribbler in Seville.  Within this post Fiona provides the link to the MAUS website which I am doing here as well.  One last link to another article with more photos of the art. This is such fascinating art and I highly recommend taking the time to walk these streets to view the various pieces.  I can’t wait to go back to see the ones I missed.  By the time I go back I’m sure there will be more.

After having a drink a Cafe Central we continued our tour and walked up to Plaza de la Merced to get a photo with one of my favorite Spanish artists: Picasso.  I didn’t see this statue on our last trip because the plaza was being renovated.  At the corner of the square is Picasso’s birthplace and museum.  We checked out Mercado Merced, the new market just beyond the north end of the plaza and hubby and I went back there that evening to have a sweet wine at the branch of Antigua Casa de Guardia.  I’m sad that we never made it to the original bar this time but the wine is still fantabulous!

We had lunch at El Pimpi and chose tapas plates that we shared amongst all of us.  I learned about a fish called rosada from Marianne and her husband, a very tasty fish that was given this name because of its pink tint.  Rosada means pink in Spanish.  We had a great meal but unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of the food, again!!  Here are some other photos from the afternoon including one of the two bloggers in front of the alcazaba and one of me drinking that lovely sweet wine later that evening.  Pure heaven :)

It was such a lovely afternoon and I learned so much more about this wonderful city on Spain’s Mediterranean coast.  I can’t wait to go back again!  I’ll leave you with a photo of the cathedral at night.

cathedral at night

cathedral at night


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10 responses to “Bloggers unite in Málaga!

  1. Love the cathedral at the end and the elf, what a treat!

  2. Each time you go back you will see something different and the street art will probably change. So, it’s good that you are chronicling it. Quite a variety of sites you’ve seen!!

  3. I love the architecture. The cathedral is gorgeous, and the street art is fantastic. Wow, sounds one can spend a long time enjoying the art. Thank you for sharing, Toby. :-) <3

    • seems there is always too much to see! and we always just barely scratch the surface. I’m glad we got to see what we did. Glad you enjoyed. Thanks for looking :)

  4. We had a great day, didn’t we? Glad you enjoyed the street art – I love it! Malaga is such a lovely city – and there is always something new to see :)

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