Electoral college electors: Vote your conscience!!

This is not a political blog but I feel this is serious enough to create a political post on my blog, and this would be perhaps the second time I’ve done this.  I’m going out on a limb in an attempt to save my country, my world and this is likely a long shot but I have to try! Yes, America apparently voted in the chump but did you know that doesn’t become official until the electors cast their votes on December 19?  I’m not necessarily hoping that they’ll vote Hillary in, though that would be nice because I know in my heart of hearts that she actually did win.  I believe there was enough “hanky panky” that went on and that this election was stolen, just like in 2000 and 2004.  But that’s a story for another day and plenty has been written on this subject.  It is my hope that there will be enough petitions and voices that when the electors vote on December 19 the chump is ousted from the most important position in the world.  HE HAS NO BUSINESS IN THAT ROLE!!! Every day since the election he has proved it even more.  For those of us paying attention, he indeed showed it throughout his campaign.

A little education on what the electoral college is can be found here.  What I’d like to point out is that the founders of the United States created a “fail safe” in the constitution for exactly the situation that we in the U.S. find ourselves in.  Robert Reich, via Michael Signer at this link (updated 11/29/16), perfectly explains each point and why the electors should vote their conscience instead of the way the states voted.  Here is his explanation:

Should conscientious electors decide against Donald Trump when they turn in their ballots December 19th? Michael Signer (below) has a credible argument they should. Constitutional history makes clear that the founders had three main purposes in designing the Electoral College.

1. Stop a demagogue from becoming president. At the Constitutional Convention, arguing in support of the Electoral College, Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts said he was “against a popular election” for president because the people would be “misled by a few designing men.” In Federalist No. 68, Alexander Hamilton wrote that the electors would prevent those with “Talents for low intrigue, and the little arts of popularity” from becoming president. They would also stop anyone who would “convulse the community with any extraordinary or violent movements.”

Check one against Trump.

2. Stop foreign interference in an election. The framers were extremely concerned about infiltration by rivals including Great Britain. In Federalist No. 68, Hamilton wrote that one major purpose of the Electoral College was to stop the “desire in foreign powers to gain an improper ascendant in our councils.” He said that the college would “Guard against all danger of this sort … with the most provident and judicious attention” from the electors.

Check two against Trump. There’s incontrovertible evidence Russia interfered in the campaign by hacking the email accounts of top Democratic officials and cooperating with WikiLeaks’ parallel campaign to undermine Hillary Clinton campaign. Meanwhile, Trump has business entanglements in Russia and other foreign countries, the extent to which are unknown because Trump has not released his tax returns.

3. Prevent poor administration of government. In Federalist No. 68. Hamilton wrote that “the true test of a good government is its aptitude and tendency to produce a good administration,” and for that reason, he said, the electors should be “able to estimate the share which the executive in every government must necessarily have in its good or ill administration.”

Check three against Trump, who has no government experience and whose character and temperament – as revealed both from his personal history and his campaign – are arguably inconsistent with good government.

4. One additional factor: Hillary Clinton is on track to win the popular vote by over 2.3 million votes — nearly 5 times Al Gore’s narrow margin over George W. Bush in 2000.

Modern-day conservatives favor so-called “originalist” understandings of the Constitution, looking to history and to the original texts of our founding documents for guidance. On this basis, electors have every ground for refusing to make Donald Trump president of the United States.

Indeed, there has been much written on this subject as well.  Just googling this morning I found this:

This presidential elector will vote her conscience on December 19

Updating to add this: Why I will not cast my electoral vote for Donald Trump.

From that article: If no candidate gets to 270 Electoral College votes, then the decision will go to the House of Representatives, as it has happened twice in our nation’s history.  And this is ultimately what I’m hoping for. For if the electors choose Hillary, even though I know that she actually did win this contest, I am quite certain there would be violence and likely people would die.  That is the only reason I am against this scenario.

There is also Bret Chiafalo who narrates this video which describes the electoral college and what those electors can do to save our country and the world from this demagogue.

Other writings on this subject include Time’s piece: The electoral college was created to stop demagogues like Trump.  And this one from The Atlantic: The electoral college was meant to stop men like Trump from becoming president.  And the Huffington Post: The electoral college was designed to prevent Trump. You can make this happen.  This one suggests that we actually write the electors and ask them not to vote for Trump. I prefer to remain anonymous so I signed a petition or two.  Change.org has one here.  And evidently this petition is the largest in change.org’s history!!

Editing to add this interesting story of a 19 year old elector: Teen becomes 7th faithless elector to protest Trump as president-elect.

Please sign the petition and share.  There is too much at stake!!  This American and the world will thank you.


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8 responses to “Electoral college electors: Vote your conscience!!

  1. Well, you have certainly done your homework and provided us a reading list. I hope many people take your advice and do what needs to be done to make sure Trump doesn’t occupy the White House!

    • I hope so too. and I forgot one more link of a story I read the other day…in The Guardian about a 19 year old elector. Very interesting. Let me see if I can find it and add it.

  2. I have read your blog with amusement. What doesn’t seem to come to the realization of many Clinton supporters is that many people voted against retaining the status quo that was represented by the past eight years. When Clinton aligned with continuing with that approach and overlooked those hurting in the rust and coal belt, many turned against her. You may not even like that the electoral college exists but it will work just fine this time as it always has. If you are guessing how I voted you may be surprised. But I do believe that the conuntry wants real change and that is why candidates like Sanders and Trump garnered so much support.

    • and I have read your reply a few times. we all have our own opinions and yours is a different perspective. many voters were duped. I forgot to add hubby’s point of view. He too think the electors should vote as the states did and pretty soon it will blow up. just let it happen. he’s probably right.

  3. As the Electors are generally chosen from among party loyalists, or even from those personally devoted to the candidate, it’s hard to hope they’ll be swayed… but this particular candidate has gone so far to make himself repugnant, causing several above-mentioned Electors to already declare their opposition, that I almost dare to hope.
    The problem is that not only must Trump lose at least 37 of his 306 electoral votes to drop below that critical threshold of 270… this would only send the issue to Congress, which might still elect him, anyway. The only sure way to fend him off is to add at least 38 votes to Hillary Clinton’s current 232, so she crosses the 270 threshold. And that’s something Republican Electors will be reluctant to do.

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