RIP Eddie – Best. Cat. Ever.

Eddie started life as we knew it in 2004 as M&M. The humane society gives names to all the cats and dogs available for adoption and so M&M was on the label of Eddie’s cage. I thought this was a strange name for a cat so he became Eddie to us after we brought him home. He was about 6-7 months old towards the end of 2004 and he was Miss M’s birthday present that year.

Eddie was such a docile and friendly sort. So much so, several neighbors really took a liking to him. He’d go to several houses in the neighborhood to visit all of his friends. One very amusing story happened just this past Christmas. It was another one of those bitter cold days that we get here in the frozen tundra of Minnesota but if the sun was shining, Eddie had to go outside. We thought that since it was so cold he’d be back soon. Hours went by and about 3:00 the doorbell rang. It was one of Eddie’s many friends in the neighborhood coming to deliver him back to us. She told us that he has a favorite spot in their house when the sun is shining. He had done this before where he’d disappear for hours and hours so now we felt better that he wasn’t stuck outside in the cold somewhere. He was being well taken care of down the street so we found out on Christmas day!

Eddie started losing weight just over two years ago. We had bloodwork done and our vet at the time suggested an ultrasound. The ultrasound was inconclusive but the bloodwork showed that his liver numbers were way out of whack. A biopsy of the liver was suggested but since Ed was already 12 at the time, I did not want to put him through any invasive tests. We gave him several different medications over the last two plus years but he continued to lose weight. We aren’t sure exactly what happened at the end. Either the liver issues finally got him or his heart gave out.

Throughout the last two plus years of tests and drugs Eddie kept his pleasant demeanor intact. He didn’t argue about the pills I had to shove down his throat carefully placed at the back of his throat so that he wouldn’t spit them out. He did argue about being brought to the vet but what cat doesn’t do that? He never acted sickly, he was just the same old Eddie he’d always been. He was just very thin.

We’ve always had two cats. When one would die, we’d go get another so there would always be two. But we are hoping to retire to southern Spain in several years. The original plan was to take Fritz with us. We got Fritz as a kitten in 2010 shortly after our cat Clyde passed away. But poor little 6 year old Fritz met a horrible end to his life in 2016. We figured that Eddie probably wouldn’t be around in several years but we didn’t figure on Fritz dying so young :(

So, here we are catless for the first time since 1989 and it’s very odd. Miss M thinks we should get another cat, that the house needs a cat. She thinks that since we were planning on taking Fritz on our journey to Spain that we could take another cat. But honestly, the trip is going to be hard enough. I’m not sure I want to make it harder by taking a cat along. Someone in a diary of another blog that I follow suggested fostering. That does seem like a good option and I’m going to look into that, just not right now. Perhaps this summer or in the fall after Miss M starts college. I might need to nurse my empty nest syndrome by then. And a new cat, or cats, in the house might be just the thing.

Eddie made history by becoming our first pet to make it past 12 years of age. We didn’t know the exact date of his birth so we had picked March 1 to celebrate his birthday. And since he was just two weeks shy of being 14 on March 1 I decided that he was in fact 14 when he died last month.

Rest in peace old boy. You were the best cat ever. Thank you for nearly 14 years of fun.

Eddie boy, Fred Fred, Edward Bear, Edward, Ed E. Boy — some of the nicknames we gave him over the years.

I hope you will enjoy this gallery of my handsome cat Eddie.




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11 responses to “RIP Eddie – Best. Cat. Ever.

  1. Mary Lou Fitzgerald

    Thank you for sharing Eddie’s story. Losing a dearly loved fur baby leaves a hole in your heart. I’ve loved and lost so many over the past 60 years, yet my house is too empty without a furry companion. If you don’t adopt here in the US, please know that Spain and many other European countries have many strays and shelters. You will be able to share your home again. My daughter adopted two while in Saudi Arabia for a year, and my oldest son adopted one in Ireland, my youngest son adopted one in Italy and one in Belgium. Several of mine came from Germany and various US states. Best wishes for Miss M in her college world. God Bless all.

    • thank you for your kind comments, I’m glad you enjoyed Eddie’s story. I’m fairly sure we’ll share our home in Spain with fur babies at some point.

  2. Sorry to hear about Eddie’s passing. You wrote a great story in honor of him. I think fostering cats is a good idea too.

  3. Eddie had a wonderful long life full of love! But it makes it no easier saying goodbye — so sorry for this new hole in the household.

  4. Toby, sorry for your loss. Eddie was quite the part of your lives evidenced by the many pictures. I am sure there were even more to choose from. Keith

  5. If you are coming to Spain, there are plenty of animals looking for loving homes. The Spanish, in general, are quite unsentimental about pets, some are even brutalistic. Personally i would love to have a cat which is what I have always had in the past but we started by adopting a dog (Rubio = blond in Spanish and he lives up to that – he is as dumb as a piece of lumber) which had been found wandering in the snow. Then we took on Scruffy (literally) who was living wild on the street just below ours – he had a broken leg from where he had been shot!

    About seven and a half months ago, there was a terrible screaming noise in the street. It sounded as though a cat was being tortured. On investigation it turned out to be a hours-old puppy (still had a dripping umbilical cord attached) in a plastic bag with his dead brother in the communal rubbish bin. He was freezing cold, so we gained another dog. We have bottle fed him and, to him, we are his parents, he has never known dogs other than Rubio and Scruffy so we are his family.

    • I’m pretty sure we’ll get a cat or maybe two once we land in Spain. I’m not sure if you’ll see this but do you know if fostering cats is available in Andalucia?

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