My 2021 in photos

The year 2021, another year living in a pandemic. It was also the year we celebrated our 30th anniversary. Wow, that went fast! I also entered an essay contest and while I didn’t win a prize, my essay was selected to be printed in a book. My first real publication! Too bad the publishing company went out of business so I don’t think anyone can buy the book any longer. But I share a photo of the first page in the gallery below.

I took many photographs on my walks this year and some of those are included in my gallery below. We also attended the first concert in a parking ramp. Because of Covid, Miss M’s viola ensemble decided this was the best place to have their concert. We all brought portable chairs and enjoyed the music, even if it was a tad windy.

I did a lot of family research and created a post about that this year. I’m including a couple of photos from that post too. There’s a photo of Pearl, my grandmother, and her brother that was taken shortly before she travelled from Russia to Chicago in 1912. The other is a photo of another of Pearl’s brothers, Samuel. You can read about my newfound cousins, grandsons of Samuel, at the link. I’m hoping to meet them in Chicago in 2022.

We went to the cabin a few times and we visited Itasca State Park while staying at the cabin to seek out our state flower, the Showy Lady’s Slippers. We finally went to Back to the 50s held on our fair grounds every June. It’s an annual fest where people bring their cars from that era and bands play. It was a fun day! We also went to the fair. We typically go to the fair a few times since it’s held for 10 days but I didn’t feel very comfortable the one day that I went due to Covid. I’m glad that I went but I wasn’t anxious to be around so many people, so we went only once this year.

We decided that we didn’t want to fly anywhere and instead chose to spend our summer vacation on the North Shore. Here in Minnesota everyone knows what that means but for those that live elsewhere, or aren’t aware of this, this is the north shore of Lake Superior. I’ve lived in Minnesota nearly 30 years and had never gone there it seemed like the perfect time this year. And I still haven’t managed to blog about that wonderful trip! You’ll see some photos with smoke in the air. A wildfire broke out in Superior National Forest about 50 miles from where we were staying about 4 days before our trip. We almost cancelled and I’m so glad we didn’t! It made for some very interesting photos and we’ll have to go back to take the gondola ride at Lutsen. We really wanted to do it but it didn’t make sense with the smoke in the area at the times we could have ridden the gondola. The smoke came and went and it was quite smoky at times but we still had a great time. I’ll get to posts about our trip eventually but for now, please enjoy some photos from that trip in the gallery. Consider these photos the highlights.

We visited the Minneapolis Institute of Art in October. And of course we did some leaf peeping in the fall. I went to two new (new to me) parks in search of fall colors. Check out my post on Nerstrand Big Woods State Park and my autumn colors post for more autumn photos.

Also included towards the end of the second gallery are photos of the deer that came to visit in December. The buck arrived in our backyard early in the month. A few days later he showed up with his doe in the front yard. After that there were three does. They seem to enjoy the crabapple berries that had fallen to the ground. There is one photo of them camped out in our yard after it snowed a few inches. As I write this on new year’s eve they’re still coming around! There was one day where the deer were here in the morning and the turkeys arrived in the afternoon. They too love the same berries in our front yard. So funny! It’s a wildlife wonderland at my house 😊

There are also some Halloween, Hanukah and Christmas photos included. Click on any photo to see a larger view. By the way, I had to create two galleries. I was having trouble adding to the first one so decided to create a new one right after it, just to let you know. At the very end is a video of an eagle I managed to capture in flight. One of the many cool things from our trip to the North Shore.

I hope you’ll enjoy my two galleries of my 2021. Happy new year!

Be sure to look at the next gallery too!

To close, please enjoy this video from the balcony of our room on the North Shore this summer. We saw this eagle flying around so many times and I finally captured him in flight. Please turn down your sound unless you want to hear our commentary as he flies. 🤓


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6 responses to “My 2021 in photos

  1. Toby there is a lot here. First congratulations on being published. I love the many pictures from flora, to cars to art to you and your guy. I love the old pictures as well. Pearl had a head of hair to brush each day. I have always loved to see people when they were younger as it offers context. What is the ‘Oberg Trail” by the way? Happy New year my friend.

    • Thanks Keith! I too love to see people when they were younger. And yes, my grandmother had a head of hair for sure! Luckily I inherited my father’s hair: thin! The Oberg trail is from our trip to the North Shore this summer and neither of us had ever been before (it’s our last name). Happy new year to you too!

  2. Happy New Year and lets hope for more travel possibilities in 2022. :)

  3. Fabulous photos Toby! Once again, thanks for sharing them. Amid the Covid mess you made 2021 interesting. Happy New Year! Cheers to a happy and healthy 2022!

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