Game Plan for the Great Minnesota Get-Together

This is such a great guide that I’m sharing it on my blog. Minnesota State Fair starts next week!

Travel. Garden. Eat.

A decade ago this month, I started this blog with a brief welcome post:

Life is a wonderful journey.As we reflect, our favorite memories confirm that the best things in life truly are not things, but rather experiences:travelnear and far, the simplicity of nature found in the garden and great outdoors,and good food with family and friends. Sit back and enjoy — you can always clean tomorrow!

Ciao~ Kat B.

Over the years, my blog contributions and creative energies have ebbed and flowed … but one thing has not changed over the last 10 years, and that is my enthusiasm for the Minnesota State Fair. It checks all the boxes — travel (near), celebrating the abundance of harvest and Minnesota’s great outdoor offerings (garden), and SO. MUCH. GOOD. FOOD (EAT … with a couple hundred thousand of your friends)! With over 300 acres of animals, attractions, entertainment, and food to…

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