Lens-Artist Photo Challenge – Spring

As most people know, I live in the frozen tundra of the twin cities. As such you might also know that even though the calendar might say it’s spring this week, you sure cannot tell when you look out the window. We had a record-breaking amount of snow this season and, well, it’s still everywhere! At least a foot of it is still on the ground, except for the huge piles in parking lots. But the sun is shining today and I’ve always said “whenever the sun shines in Minnesota, it’s a nice day!” And, temps for the next 10 days are predicted to be above freezing! Whee!! But, enough about that. We’re anxiously awaiting spring and this week’s challenge poses a nice option to engulf myself in photos of spring. Here’s a gallery of some of my favorite spring photos from past years that I hope you will enjoy. My cover photo is the waterfall at Nerstrand Big Woods State Park from last May.

If you would like to jump in or to view others’ posts, do check out Sofia’s post about this week’s challenge.


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13 responses to “Lens-Artist Photo Challenge – Spring

  1. Stunning spring photos. It’s looking more like summer here on the Costa del Sol. Spring in Minnesota is spectacular.

  2. They’re so beautiful, I especially love the bleeding hearts. Gorgeous photos that just remind us Spring will be here soon :)

  3. I firmly believe that those with the harshest winters enjoy the most beautiful spring and summer, albeit a bit shorter than some others! Your flowers are lovely. Here’s hoping they’re nestled beneath the cold ground simply awaiting their time to shine!

    • You could be right! I planted a bunch of new stuff in one section of my garden and I mulched and then put several layers of leaves on top of the mulch. So that section for sure is safely nestled. We’ll see what comes up this year. Can’t wait to see what has survived! Thanks for your kind comment. (oh, some of these are in other gardens near my house, the iris and lilac. I forgot to mention that in my post.)

  4. MinneSNOWda has so much seasonal change and beauty

  5. Oh I can’t wait for my flowers to bloom. My daffodils just started to open. I love these gorgeous flowers!

  6. You may have to wait a while longer for spring but judging by your photos of previous years it’s going to be worth the wait!

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