Lens Artist Challenge – Still Life

Like so many others have said, this is not something I focus on. But after viewing some other posts I’ve dug into my archives and found some that I think fits this theme. Check out Patti’s post if you’d like to join or just to peruse other entries.

First up from the Minnesota State Fair. We always go to the Agriculture building where there are lovely displays of flowers and other things. This is from the room full of gladiolas. The displays change every couple of days so it’s always fun to go back and see what else is on view.

Paddy pan squash anyone? From the St. Paul farmers market. I haven’t had these in a long time. It’s not quite time to see them in the market but I’m going to try and remember to look for them this year. They are great as kabobs with chicken and other veggies.

Urban art in Barcelona.

Nuts and confections from La Boquería in Barcelona.

From Málaga in southern Spain. That bougainvillea looks rather still don’t you think? One of my favorite photos of Málaga.

Wild black raspberries anyone? Found in my neighborhood on one of my walks. They turn red first and then black.

The best paella I’ve ever had, hands down! From Cafe Varela at the Preciados Hotel in Madrid, España.

Crema catalana in Barcelona for dessert. Oh my, so yummy! Very similar to crème brûlée but maybe a little sweeter and with a galleta (cookie).

And to complete my paella meal, a cafe con leche with my dessert. There is nothing quite like a cafe con leche in Spain.

I know I had a photo of a Spanish courtyard similar to the one in Patti’s post but darn it, I cannot find it! I think my photos here will suffice though. My cover image is from the traveling Van Gogh interactive exhibit.


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28 responses to “Lens Artist Challenge – Still Life

  1. Excellent choices for the challenge Toby. My favorite of the set is the urban art in Barcelona.

  2. Oh, your photos more than suffice. All beautiful and interesting.

  3. Toby, love it. Focusing on one, the picture you like from Malaga is terrific. Keith

  4. Great selections. I too like the violin, as well as the markets, creme (brûlée’) catalana, et al. Excellent.

  5. What a variety! I like what you’ve done with the Van Gogh as a header image – so vibrant :D

  6. Well, that’s a good variety! Those squash make a great photo, and I’ve never seen them before. The bougainvillea is very similar to the one on my rooftop. Are you still thinking of moving, Tobyo, or happy just to visit places?

    • Thanks! I haven’t seen those squash in a while but then I haven’t gone to farmers markets much since the pandemic. Always thinking of moving: must get out of the frozen tundra!! However, likely not moving to Spain sadly. Too many reasons to list. Stay tuned! And thanks for stopping by 👍

  7. I enjoyed your set, Toby. Lovely! I love that street art image and the crema. We’re going to Malaga next week! Thanks for the preview!

  8. OK, so now I am hungry and needing a cafe-con leche. Great collections from your travels. I agree, the bougainvillea in Madrid is stunning. My favorite is the urban art in Barcelona. What wonderful places you have traveled . Donna

    • Ha! Yes, that food does look delicious doesn’t it? I have been a few places, yes. And lots of photos and memories too. Thanks for looking. I appreciate your comments 👍

  9. There you go. Plenty to see. Great selections.

  10. Thanks for sharing your photos Toby! Much enjoyed! :)

  11. Nice set, Toby! Loved especially the violin – and of course your Spanish coffee!

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