Fellow bloggers: How do you upload photos to your blog?

I’m updating with a new title hoping to get some ideas.  Perhaps I will post this in the help forums as well.

I have been using Webshots to link photos into my blog posts.  Last night I went there to upload some pics for a post and I was redirected to this site.  I signed up but I’m not seeing a way to link pics to my blog.  Unhappiness-making!!  But, I’m not going to panic just yet.  Nothing good ever comes from panicking.  Instead I decided to write this out in the hopes that readers will share with me what they’re doing.  Or if there is a way to continue to link pics to my blog via this new website, that would be great information to have as well.

I think what this means is that all the pics that I’ve uploaded via webshots will disappear :(  Did I mention unhappiness-making? I am not sure what to do and am seeking opinions and advice.

I am curious how others share pics on their blogs.  I have used a combination of direct upload to my blog here and webshots.  But most of my pics are from webshots.  How do you share pics on your blog?

Thank you in advance for any help!  I will leave you with a nice directly uploaded photo to enjoy while I contemplate what to do.

Patty pan squash at the farmers’ market:


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14 responses to “Fellow bloggers: How do you upload photos to your blog?

  1. I’ve used Webshots for 5 years, and now all those photos on my blog will just disappear. I’m rather upset by this and posted about it last night. 5 years of posts, down the drain.

    • ah, so you’re in the same boat as I am but even worse since you’ve been doing it longer. I’m so sorry for you :( and me too. but thanks for your reply. It confirms what I have been suspecting since I discovered it last night. damnit.

  2. Gorgeous photo, Toby. I use a site called Photobucket. I didn’t know anything about putting together a blog and was overwhelmed by the prospect of posting photos, but my teenager Bea helped me learn. If I can do it, ANYONE can! Check out Photobucket!

    • I actually started using Photobucket years ago but cannot recall why I switched to Webshots, perhaps storage capacity? yea, this is kind of a bummer. I’m not sure I want to use another photo sharing site again. What if this were to happen again? thanks for your reply, appreciate it!

    • it took me several minutes but I did finally figure out how to access my account there ;) Not sure I want to go that route tho. but thanks for the link and reminding me of Photobucket!

  3. Oh no! Sorry to hear that, Toby :( I just use a direct upload, but I”m looking for a new way too as I’m quickly running out of space.

    • and that is exactly the reason I didn’t want to directly upload pictures. unhappiness-making! I was re-checking out Photobucket this morning. I already have an account there. I wonder if they didn’t increase their storage capacity because I think I moved to Webshots because Photobucket didn’t have as much storage as Webshots. but what if the same thing happens at Photobucket? I am wondering about Picasa web now. I don’t know anything about it but wonder if that is a better avenue? There is flickr and shutterfly as well if you want to check those out. I have been thinking about moving to self-hosting so that I can monetize my blog(eventually) and make a little extra cash for when we retire. so this might be the push that I need to get that going. a ver lo que pasa eh? Thanks for your comment, appreciate it!

  4. I am having the same issue. I’m not so worried about the hosting site as the 1,500 links that ae about to become dead on my blog! The new smiles won’t allow linking. I am contemplating a search and replace wordpress plugin, but I believe it’s still going to be weeks of work to keep all my pictures from becoming dead links in my blog.

    Anyone else have a better solution for all thse impending dead image links?

    • exactly James, I am struggling with whether I want to take the time to redo all those links on my blog or start all over. I’m not sure there is another solution. if you hear of one, please let me know!!

  5. Oh good grief! Any update on this Tobyo? Just spotted it today. I upload directly from my computer, never having been aware of an alternative. I usually resize my photos using the WordPress process as I believe they take up less space that way? I currently still have sufficient storage, but had been considering self-hosting for the same cash reasons as yourself. I’ve been approached by a few companies to insert links in my posts, but it’s not allowed by WordPress.
    I haven’t seen any posts from you recently, but hadn’t realised you had a problem. Sorry I’m no help.

    • no update. but I’ve been uploading photos directly with posts after this one. I have yet to decide what I’m going to do. I do have a Photobucket accounts (similar to webshots, or what webshots used to be) but what if the same thing happens there? yes, I’m in a quandary as to what to do. Still mulling it over. I believe you will eventually run out of space uploading directly here. perhaps you could get more if you upgrade? Not sure.

  6. so, here it is post 12/1, the day Webshots said they were shutting down. I have checked a couple of my posts and the photos are still showing?? perhaps I was wrong? I did try to get an answer from the new site’s help area and never did get that answer. so….perhaps I worried for nothing? wouldn’t be the first time and likely won’t be the last ;)

  7. Well, it finally happened. I was so hoping that I was wrong. Alas, I’ve been checking every day since 12/1/12 and finally I see the “temporarily unavailable” on many of my photos. Do I unpublish them all? Start a new blog? so many choices…..heavy sigh.

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