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a once in a while Hanukah celebration

We always light the candles for Hanukah but this year Miss M also requested a Hanukah meal.  I don’t make a special Hanukah meal every year and it has been a while since the last one, so I got to celebrate with fun food along with lighting the candles this year.     Of course I took photos along the way so come along and see how this family celebrates Hanukah.  First, a photo for every night we lit the candles, except one because there were only two and both were bad!

My Hanukah meal consisted of roast chicken, potato latkes, noodle kugel and carrots in a maple/orange juice sauce.  One word: Delish! I’m kicking myself because I forgot to take a photo of the chicken!  But I did get some nice ones of the other food.

I always make rugelach every year as they’re my favorite holiday cookie.  A mixture of currants, honey, nuts, sugar and cinnamon rolled up into a butter/cream cheese/flour dough, then brushed with cream and a dusting of sugar.  Yum, yum, yum.

In this house we celebrate both Hanukah and Christmas, one because it’s my heritage, the other is due to my beliefs.  I also look forward to and celebrate the solstice.  The days have a little more light and now we’re moving in that direction again.  It always makes me feel better for some reason.  And it gives me the strength to get through the winter.  Spring will come again!!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and Happy New Year!!


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Let there be light!

Since Hanukah started this week I couldn’t help but think of photos I have taken of the candles glowing.  So here are a couple that I’ve taken over the years.

And then we have this year’s entry:

Happy Thanksgivukah!

Happy Thanksgivukah!

And what the heck?  Here’s a lit up Christmas tree to mix it up a bit. We do celebrate both Hanukah and Christmas:

Check out other entries for this week’s challenge, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of light!


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