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Spring 2017

I better get a post in before May ends! My poor little blog.  I’ve neglected you so….. Without further ado, here are some of my best spring photos.  Included in my gallery are my first and second rhubarb crisps this year with two different recipes.  My rhubarb plant always does very well.  I hope you enjoy!!


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Spring flowers and plants

We interrupt our regular Spain trip post this week to bring you some photos of spring this year. I’ll be back next week with more Spain photos and tales.

First, some flowers:

Next, some trees and plants:

And I’ll leave you with another spring scene. This one’s of Miss M on a recent walk on a path near our house. Happy weekend everyone!

near Willow Pond

near Willow Pond


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photos of spring in the twin cities

Now that summer is nearly here I realized that I left this post in draft mode and never finished it. There were some very beautiful flowers that I photographed that I’d like to share. Click on any image to see it larger and enjoy!

Next up…..a variety of blooms and plants:

Finally, what would life be like without my helper in the garden? Fritz amongst the lilies of the valley:


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early spring 2015

I just love early spring as everything comes back to life outside.  My rhubarb that just barely broke the ground two weeks ago is now ready to be harvested.  I feel a rhubarb crisp in my future!  The biggest news, however, is that our neighborhood egret has returned!!  He’s still fairly evasive and I haven’t gotten the best photos.  Every time I get close enough, he high tails it.  In the gallery below you’ll see one photo of him in flight.  He’s far away, but I think it’s still cool. First are some early blooms from around my yard.  Click anywhere in the gallery to see larger photos.

Now a gallery of early spring photos around our pond.  And the egret!!

One last photo of a fabulous sunset seen about a month ago.  The sky looked like it was on fire!  Happy spring everyone!


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what’s growing in my garden

Another collection of photos of what’s been growing the last couple of weeks.  It’s always exciting to see more growth and flowers!

First, some crocus:



The before and after pics:

And some more fun things blooming:

Happy spring everyone!!!


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Weekly photo challenge – spring redux

I finally got it all together to post some recent pics of spring right now here in the frozen tundra. As you can see from the photos, we are no longer under snow and ice.  Things are coming up, hooray!!

The “always first to bloom” snowdrop:

And a couple of “purplies” (I’m told they’re scillia but I still call them purplies) one with and one without darling Fritz.

This is my second entry in this week’s challenge.  Click the hyperlink to see more entries or to enter yourself.  Enjoy!!


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Spring

Some of my favorite spring photos from the past:

Spring in Málaga, Spain:


More spring photos from my garden:

Click here if you’d like to enter or to see more images for this challenge.


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