Early spring in the twin cities

It’s time again for me to create a post of many of the photos I’ve taken since spring arrived the first week of May. We had a few days in April with summer weather and the snowdrops bloomed! Then it was back to winter and now there is no sign of winter anywhere. We made it!

Most of these were taken in my yard or neighborhood. Others are from Como Park where I walked one day for a change of scenery. The crabapple trees were in full bloom and were just lovely!

For any gallery below, click on any photo to see it larger and to scroll through the gallery to see captions.

First up, a gallery of really early spring happenings.

Next some early bloomers.

And one more gallery of mostly crabapple trees and blossoms.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little tour of early spring 🌸


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8 responses to “Early spring in the twin cities

  1. Ah the joys of spring, the relief that winter has passed. Lovely photos Toby.

    • Yes indeed! Though I did wake up to 44 degrees yesterday (F, not C, heh)!!! BUT, next week, back to the 80s. The weather gods can’t decide if it’s fall, spring or summer 🤗 Thanks for looking 👍

  2. thank you for this lovely tour! beautiful photos

  3. The blossom is gorgeous, Tobyo.

  4. Spring is quite a unique… sensation. Having spent most of life ion the tropics, where the only seasons are the “monsoon” (or local equivalent) and dry season, one does not see the passing of time.
    Spring makes Winter worthwhile… 💐

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