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Weekly Photo Challenge – Layers

I couldn’t help but think of the photos I took at the farmers’ market and the many layers of veggies I found.

And then there’s this pile of cukes from an abundant crop:

multiple cukes

multiple cukes

Check out more entries here and enjoy!!


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A visit to the St. Paul farmers’ market

One thing I love about summer in the twin cities is the abundance of farmers’ markets.  They are all over the metro area but my favorite is the one in downtown St. Paul. It’s only on the weekends and it’s a perfect jaunt from our house a mere 15 minutes away.

On this week’s trip we bought green onions, leeks, tomatoes, brussels sprouts, garlic clove, pattypan squash and a watermelon with seeds!! We have been hard pressed to find watermelons with seeds in the last few years as all the markets here sell are seedless watermelon.  What is the fun of that?  This watermelon is as sweet as the grower said it would be. Yum!

As we were driving away with our produce I began thinking about the cooking we’ll be doing in the next few days.  And then I realized that we didn’t get a purple onion.  We both looked at each other and asked “should we go back?” and that’s exactly what we did.  Hubby dropped me off and drove around the market a few times until I reappeared with onions in hand.  We’ve never done that before and it was kind of fun! Here are some pics that I snapped of this week’s trip.

I love these little patty pan squash:

Tomatoes were in abundance:

Beautiful flowers for sale:

This stand had a unique product, Fresh Salsa Combo:

Gourds or melons anyone?

Another fun and different day at the farmers’ market.  Lots of fresh fruits and veggies and other goodies tucked in for good measure, soap, honey, bread, even coffee and donuts.

What’s your favorite thing when you go to the farmers’ market?


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