Weekly Photo Challenge – Layers

I couldn’t help but think of the photos I took at the farmers’ market and the many layers of veggies I found.

And then there’s this pile of cukes from an abundant crop:

multiple cukes

multiple cukes

Check out more entries here and enjoy!!


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19 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Layers

  1. Delicious… and look at all those colours!

  2. I have been craving a BLT all day and now the craving is worse. Great colors.

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  6. Good choice for the challenge! Great colors!!

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  8. I love farmers markets. It would be nice to see more close ups (we’re talking macro photography) as that would be an interesting way to exploit the natural layers in vegetables. Lettuce, onions, leafy greens, etc–all good layered veggies. A flash-less picture is striking too. Keep taking photos!

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  11. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Huge cucumbers! or a close-up pic… Lovely shots though :) I love seeing others’ lives.

    • they were ginormous cukes! that was last year or the year before. this year we had hardly any cukes due to the neighbor growing pumpkins on our shared fence. cukes got no light :( ah well, there’s always next year! thanks for your kind comments.

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