Me encanta Madrid

churros y chocolate

San Ginés, one of my favorite spots in Madrid

One of my favorite cities ever is Madrid, España. Hubby and I were there in March 2011 to celebrate our 20th anniversary. We spent 3 nights in Málaga then the last 4 nights in Madrid. Ah…me encanta Madrid.  Above is a great place for churros y chocolate. It really is as good as you’ve heard. And following are some of the sites in Madrid.

I was really enthralled with alot of old doors on buildings near our hotel:

The memorial to the victims of the attack at the Atocha train station was very moving. It’s a large room with blue walls. The memorial is above you, messages from around the world and in many different languages to the people of Madrid following their horrendous tragedy on March 11, 2004. These messages are inscribed on glass and circle above you:

Tenemos el deber de no olvidar(we must never forget):

It was such a somber memorial, dark and blue. Appropriate. I really needed to see it.

Plaza de España and look at that lovely blue sky. Quite a contrast from the somber blue at the Atocha memorial.

the street I lived on in 1980-81:

Calle de Meléndez Valdes

There is more to come on this and many other travel adventures. This was my first post to get a feel for it.  Stay tuned for more :)