Anniversary dinner at the St. Paul Grill

One of our favorite spots for a special meal when we lived in St. Paul, we returned last night to this fine establishment to celebrate our 21st anniversary.  And it did not disappoint. Well, not so much anyway. It is still a very nice setting, looking out over Rice Park. We got there just as the sun set and it was wonderful to see the lights come on and the transition to darkness. The lights got more beautiful the darker it got. We ran into traffic on our way and were glad we decided on valet parking beforehand because we were 10 minutes late for our reservation.  The nice gentleman in a warm coat and probably a wool top hat took our car and wished us a nice meal.

We had already decided that we were going to have a shrimp appetizer having viewed their menu online earlier in the day.  The hot peppered shrimp were quite delicious, with a nice zing afterwards to remember the spices in the sauce. We also had one of our favorite drinks, the gin gimlet but were disappointed that there were no filberts. It’s so much better with the filberts, but the gin was most excellent. Our soup and salad came next. He had the French onion soup, I had a green salad.

Next we each had a very nice entree. Hubby had the bone in filet, I had the lamb chops. Hubby ranted and raved about how delicious the steak was. And while mine was quite good, I have had better lamb so that was a tad disappointing. I also didn’t like the jalapeño-mint jelly and when asked if I wanted to take home the jelly along with my leftover lamb, I declined. Hubby also ordered their famous hash browns and I the sauteed mushrooms, both were excellent!  We both enjoyed a glass of red wine with our dinners(Pinot Noir, Talbott ‘Kali Heart’, Monterey, 2009 and Tre, Brancaia, Italy, 2008)and I think mine sent me over the top and I did not have room for dessert.  What a shame because their desserts sounded fabulous and from what I remember, they are absolutely fabulous. Ah well, next time I spose.

Definitely a great place for a nice occasion. I am sure we will return in the future.

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