City on the hill – Toledo, España

While in Madrid last year, we took a very short trip to Toledo just to buy a sword. This was my second trip to Toledo with my husband. Our first was the previous year for my 50th birthday and that trip was not the best. This one made up for it in so many ways. I did not have a cold, the sword shop was open and it was a most gorgeous spring day with nice, warm sunshine.

We opted to walk into the city as opposed to taking a taxi which is what we did last year. It is quite the hike! Here is our first view of Toledo coming from the train station:

and closer, another view:

Alcántara bridge:

Up and up and up we go-note the mudejar architecture:

Me ‘n Miguel de Cervantes:

Mariano Zamorano, sword guy extraordinaire:

La catedral:

An absolutely fabulous spring day.  We had tapas just up the street from the above pic and ate and drank on the patio in the warm sun, ah…..On our taxi ride back to the train station we had a most jovial driver. He and I were commenting on what a nice, spring day it was. He then proceeded to point out alot of the sites of the city on our way to the station, all in Spanish of course.  And a most unusual driver as most that we encountered did not chat with us. A great day in a fun city. And still one of my favorites.


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6 responses to “City on the hill – Toledo, España

  1. Gorgeous! I love Toledo and it looks like you guys had some great photogenic weather too!

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  3. Great photos! Love that clear blue sky…

    • Thanks! Toledo is a great day trip from Madrid but you might not want to do that on your upcoming short weekend in Madrid. there is plenty to do and see in Madrid to fill your handful of days when you’re there. Naturally it’s totally up to you. if you plan to come back to Madrid, you could do a day trip to Toledo then? well, either way, I definitely recommend Toledo. Very picturesque and lots to do and see there as well.

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