Birthday lunch at Stella’s fish cafe

I thought it would be fun to spend my birthday lunch at Stella’s Fish Cafe in Minneapolis.  We had been there on a few other occasions and it’s always good. Plus, hubby loves their oysters so everyone wins. Well, truth be told, Miss M doesn’t really win as she’s not a fan of seafood. But she did order a cup of their New England clam chowder and we shared most of a 1/2 lb. of peel and eat shrimp.  The shrimp came with two sauces, one red which was a spicy tar tar and a yellow mustardy sauce. Both sauces were great!  Hubby had half a dozen oysters and ceviche and was happy as a clam, pun intended :) I had the tuna melt and what a tuna melt it was! Unlike any tuna melt I’ve ever seen. It came open faced on a long, narrow piece of bread. It was topped with avocado slices and a white cheese. Here’s how Stella’s describes my lunch: “pan seared, adobo rubbed Ahi Tuna mixed with a citrus aioli & green onions, topped with avocado & pepperjack cheese.” It was delicious!!

Here are some photos from our lunch:





On the web: Stella’s fish café

Stella’s is located here:

1400 West Lake Street

Minneapolis, MN  55408



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