Early summer blooms and plants

There’s alot going on in my garden right now and there are some really beautiful things blooming as well.  Here are but a few pics of them along with our veggie(but mostly fruit as it happens) garden.

The mailbox garden with Stella D’oro day lilies, tiger lilies and moonbeam coreopsis:


Stella D’oro up close and gorgeous!


That cuke is headed for the fence:


I think we maybe should have thinned the beans along the fence?


Here’s what days upon days of rain, rain and more rain gets you – a nearly 3 foot cilantro plant:


As well, the basil plant looks ready to pick:


The pepper plant is looking great!


Another fine bunch of bee balm again this year:



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4 responses to “Early summer blooms and plants

  1. All the rain has made my cilantro plant look just like yours. Continued luck with your garden.

    • fun! what’s interesting is that we bought the plant on sale, it was rootbound and was droopy when we first put it in the ground. I am so happy it sprung back!

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