Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

This week’s theme made me think of my garden, specifically the fruit and veggie garden.  We grow a variety here in this 3 x 15 plot of land beside our garage.  It faces south and gets great sun, good for growing plants.  This year we’ve got rhubarb, two different kinds of tomatoes, basil, cilantro (tho it sadly did not make it), one cucumber plant and way too many green beans.  Each year we try different plants.  This year we tried cilantro for the first time.  Interesting plant, smells great, but I had no idea it could get out of control!!  I left it for too long, it started to blossom and got humongous.  I pruned it but it was probably too late for it is no longer with us.  We had some great tacos and had the cilantro from the garden for the only time, as it turns out.

My rhubarb plant is voracious this year. I have lost count how many times I have harvested rhubarb.  and I need to do it again. I have some rhubarb muffins and chopped rhubarb in the freezer at the cabin, rhubarb muffins leftover from harvest #3 in my freezer at home and it just keeps giving.  We did not thin the beans and I think we probably should have.  We have alot of beans! and they just keep on giving too.

The cucumber plant is all over the fence, it’s crazy!!  We’ve harvested several cukes already and they are quite good. We have an abundance right now so some will get donated to the food shelf.  And I finally see some moon flower buds.  Maybe we’ll have blooms before October this time. They’re to the left of the crazy cuke on the fence in the slideshow below. I have not had much luck with moonflowers so this might be my last attempt if it doesn’t work out.

This is my first slideshow and I cannot figure out how to put the pics in order so rather than monkey with it any more, I gave up so that I can post this. I’m sure all you smart bloggers out there can figure out the time frame of the pics in the slideshow.  So here is a conglomeration of garden pics at different growth stages.  Enjoy!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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7 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

  1. Your garden looks great! Home-grown stuff always tastes so much nicer too.

    Oh, and regarding the slideshow, I found I could get photos in order if I changed the titles of my pictures. I named them A, B, C, etc., and then ordered them by “Title” in the settings. But it only seemed to work sometimes…hopefully it works for you!

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  3. Gardening is so rewarding. Thanks for showing us your success, tobyo.

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