Sunday Post: People

I usually don’t take that many photos with people in them, except of course the ones I take of my family.  I have lots of those but not so many of other people.  While looking through my photos for this challenge I came upon a few that have stories attached to them that I think are fun.

The first one that came to mind is one I took of some of the students on field trips the day we were in Toledo two years ago. So here’s a scene with that great mudejar architecture and student type people on the street with us:


More mudejar architecture but this time it’s in Sevilla.  Here are some people outside of the cathedral:


Here’s a group of people, lots of tourists in the cathedral section of the mezquita and their tour guide.  Choir loft, Córdoba, Spain:


Everywhere we went in Spain there were lots of people.  Not the least of which was the Alhambra in Granada.  We are entering the Nasrid Palace with all these people:


People strolling and shopping in Córdoba Spain:


People purchasing olives at the Atarazanas market, Málaga, Spain:


We loved this place in Málaga, Spain.  People taking coffee and churros y chocolate at Casa Aranda:


People on Calle Larios including street musicians in Málaga, Spain:


And here’s a favorite moment of that trip two years ago that started in Sevilla and ended in Málaga. After eating alfresco amongst orange trees my daughter and I went off to check out a few of the shops in the square and left my husband with his cognac and cigar.  When we returned there were four more people at the table.  What happened was that they wanted to eat outside but there were no more tables so they asked nicely if we were done and my husband invited them to sit while he waited for us to return.  They were on holiday from Amsterdam for two weeks in southern Spain.  So we wished them happy travels and an enjoyable meal and we were on our way.

A couple of days later we were again eating outside in Málaga and a gentleman was tapping my husband’s arm and then we realized it was one of the gentlemen that we gave our table to in Sevilla.  So I asked if I could take their picture.  Here are our friends from Amsterdam who also make good dining choices:


And now for a few photos closer to home.  The first one is an orchestra concert, festival style I think.  It’s several schools’ orchestras combined together in a gym in a middle school. Just look at all the people in this one:


And then some from our state fair where there’s always lots of people.  I did purposely take this shot just to show the street full of people:


There’s always lots of people in the art building at the fair.  Here are some viewing the piece of art that I voted for:


This was a fun challenge!!  For more great entries check Jakesprinter’s post here or click on the dragon icon below.


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13 responses to “Sunday Post: People

  1. jakesprinter

    Stunning photography my friend ,I really love all of it
    thanks for sharing :)

  2. We are hoping to have a couple of nights in Toledo next week. Looks beautiful, Toby!

    Everywhere seems much more crowded in the US than in Spain ;)

  3. Amy

    Great post for the people theme!

  4. It’s lovely how you can just get chatting to people at the next table or whatever. I sometimes do it at home too (but then I’m like that- too gobby my husband thinks. Friendly is my preferred description).
    Speaking of which, thank you for reblogging Tay’s post on Toledo, Tobyo. I’ve made another friend.

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  6. We might have been in Spain at the same time! We went in the summer of 2012, and I recognize many of the places you feature in this post. It was 45 C, which translate to 113 F when we were in Cordoba! Great post!

    • I was there May 2010 and March 2011 so unfortunately we weren’t in Spain at the same time. yea, that is a mighty warm day indeed! when we were there in 2010 temps were in the 90s just about everywhere those two weeks.

      thanks for your comments, much appreciated!

  7. What a big ochestra that is…wow!! Great pictures…so long since I been in Spain!!

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