Sunday Post-Favorite Spot

I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t have just one favorite spot.  Kind of defeats the purpose of the word favorite a bit, don’t you think?  I think  it’s fun to have lots of favorite spots.  And while looking through pics with this theme in mind, I not only found some of my favorite spots but also some others.  You’ll see what I mean, just take a look.

First off, some of my feline family members’ favorite spots.  Fritz loves to lay on my desk, doesn’t matter if there’s something there. He will just lay on top of it:


One of Fritz and Eddie’s favorite spots. They’re always snuggling together:


One of hubby’s favorite spots: Stella’s Fish Cafe. This is from their rooftop and we’re viewing downtown Minneapolis:


A favorite spot of mine:  a park bench with my favorite girl on a walk around the lake:


Another of my favorites is the agriculture building at the Minnesota State Fair.  They have flower contests and the displays change every two days.  I always enjoy the gladiola displays.


A favorite spot for all of us: 11th Crow Wing Lake, Akeley, MN:


And of course, some favorite spots in Spain.  The Real Alcázar in Sevilla was my favorite spot on that particular trip.  And this is one of my favorite shots from the alcázar.  Patio de las Doncellas, Real Alcázar, Sevilla, Spain:


A favorite spot for tortilla española in Madrid: El Brillante:


Our favorite hotel in Madrid: Preciados


Another favorite spot in Spain: Toledo. This is the Alcántara bridge:


A favorite in Málaga: Casa de la Antigua Guardia.  I highly recommend this place as not only a great spot for Malagueñan sweet wines but for its unique character.  In the photo below, our tab is being tracked on the counter in front of us.  The chalk is erased so that a new tab can be tallied for the next customer.


And last but not least, what I hope to view every day once I move to southern Spain.  This is the Mediterranean Sea as seen from Nerja.


Check out other entries for this week’s theme, or to enter yourself, at Jakesprinter’s Sunday Post.


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6 responses to “Sunday Post-Favorite Spot

  1. I’m itching for my travel very very soon, and at the same time staying at hotel, rooming around the city, plus the food trip.:) Great favorite spot of yours.::)


  2. jakesprinter

    Great choices of images for this week theme my friend ,
    Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Really enjoyed this, especially seeing your favorite spots in Spain :) Can’t wait to have some of my own in Madrid!

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