Weekly photo challenge – Illumination

As soon as I saw this theme I knew which photos to look for.  These are from two different trips to Las Vegas and both times we stayed at the Golden Nugget in downtown Las Vegas.  Great hotel and we got a great flight/hotel combination deal for both trips.  If you’ve never seen the laser light show in downtown Vegas, I highly recommend it!!  It’s called the Fremont Street Experience and it’s a very fun thing to do.

But the first photo is of the Four Queens casino where I had just won $250.  It’s all lit up so it fits with this theme:

DSCN1708Next, a couple more from this trip in 2008:



The rest are from our trip in 2009.  I’m thinking they change the light show’s theme every so often because we saw a very different show in 2009 than 2008.





DSCN2703Have you ever seen this light show?  If not, the next time you’re in Vegas, do check it out.  I promise you won’t be disappointed!

To see more entries for this week’s theme, click here.


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22 responses to “Weekly photo challenge – Illumination

  1. Looks really amazing, Tobyo. Congrats on your win. :)

  2. great work, amiga! the images are great, and in person they are probably so amazing it’s hard not to walk into something/someone while looking up!

    • yes, it’s important to remain stationary during this show so as not to bump into anyone. the show flies by above you so there’s really no reason to move around. but it’s hard to capture all of it in photos! yes, really amazing in person indeed. thanks for your kind comments, as usual :)

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  4. kz

    wow, cool photos! ^^

  5. What a great series of photos!

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  7. I also included a photo of the Fremont St LED light show in my post. Check it out along with the others I included.

  8. Zen

    That is the big television in Vegas right? :)

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  10. you made me smile with the VW Vegas van!

  11. Haha, amazing lights, I’m so glad to hear that somebody actually WINS in Vegas! Keep it up, Toby!

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