CBBH Photo Challenge: Reflection

Marianne at East of Málaga hosts this monthly challenge(click the link for more of this month’s entries) and I’m doing it this month!  I have so many reflection-type photos and most, if not all, of these have been posted before but it’s fun to put together a collection of photos for a theme. I hope you’ll enjoy these.  Click on any photo to see it larger and to scroll through all of the photos.

The rest of the challenge is to include links to two blogs that I’ve commented on in the last month.  My first is a more recent find, a food blog that I think you’ll enjoy.  Things My Belly Likes is full of great recipes with a dash of humor too.

My second featured blog has given me much inspiration in the last few weeks.  Please visit Mirth and Motivation, I promise you’ll be inspired!


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15 responses to “CBBH Photo Challenge: Reflection

  1. buen trabajo!!!!
    one blog i know and one i don’t.. heading to ‘my belly’ now!

  2. Jueseppi B.

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    Beautiful photos, Ms. Toby. Thank you for sharing.

    • thanks again for the reblog! how odd that there is a picture of Tyler Perry and Good Deeds. Is that a WordPress thing? Are you seeing that too?

      well anyway, thanks for your nice comments, as always!

  3. I love the nostalgic feel of that first one. Sunsets make the most gorgeous reflections, don’t they, Tobyo?

    • Thanks, me too. It’s from years ago. Agreed about sunsets and the reflections and I have soooooooooo many sunset photos. It’s so easy to just pick the ones in my library….

  4. Great reflections for this month’s challenge, and I love the way you have set out the photos in a gallery :) Well done!

    Like Z says above, your links provide one blog I know and one I don’t – so that’s always fun to discover and rediscover.

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  6. Beautiful reflections, Tobyo, especially the last one. :)

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