Winter beautiful

Some people around here really bemoan winter.  And I have to admit that I sometimes do as well.  When I first moved to the frozen tundra of Minnesota I was all agog at the beauty and serenity that winter can produce.  But now that I’ve been here over 20 years I am finally starting to feel what many Minnesotans express each winter, having to deal with moving the snow, driving in the snow and the challenges that come with all of that.  But every so often a snowfall comes along that produces such loveliness like the one yesterday.

It was a bit foggy this morning and all the trees were covered in the snow that fell yesterday.  I was out running errands and decided to stop along the way and snap some photos to share here as it was so beautiful.  I stopped at the church where we vote and a woman was driving into the lot as I was snapping a photo.  When she saw what I was doing, she smiled broadly. Aha!  Another person who appreciates the beauty of fresh, white snow.  Then I went to the park and snapped a few more there.  I hope you enjoy these few photos of the beauty that winter can be if you just stop to notice.


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18 responses to “Winter beautiful

  1. I love newly fallen snow! It is so beautiful and makes everything look so clean and fresh! It adds pretty color to a mostly dreary winter with leafless trees. If it’s going to cold, I prefer there to be fresh snow on the ground to brighten things up a bit!

    • I agree! and combined with the fog this morning, was just breathtaking. I leave all my dead garden plants there just to remind me that spring will come again. Plus, it provides another color to the snow-covered yard. thanks for taking the time to comment, much appreciated :)

  2. I can never live in a place where it snows a lot. Just the thought of the work involve, even the weather your mood takes you, it makes me lazy already :lol: Seriously though, snow really never fails to bring beauty to the surroundings

    • it’s not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure ;) It’s the quality of life we were going for when we moved here. and, oh yea, to buy a house where we didn’t have to drive 1+ hour to and from work (like we would have in L.A….). But yea, I’m nearly ready to be done with winter for good! thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi, I have nominated you for two awards. Please visit me for more information. Congratulations!

  4. I need to visit the Great White North. My youngest son wants to go to school in Vermont as he loves the cold. We looked at school in Menonamie, WI which is about 45 minutes from Minneapolis. That is as close as I have gotten to the Land of Lakes. The pictures are beautiful.

    • thank you. there are some people that enjoy the cold eh? I was okay with it at first and for many years. now I just count the days/years until I can leave. Yes, Menomonie isn’t too far from me! thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      • Thanks for the better spelling. My son visited Uof W Stout. Neat place. If he had gone there, we would be visiting Minnesota. We did get a chance to catch the Summer Music Festival in Milwaukee. That was cool.

      • that is so funny!! I started typing it the same way that you did but honestly? I had to look it up!! I’m a stickler for details and knew that it didn’t look right but no way did I remember how to spell that city name! :D One of my roomies from my year in Spain lives in Milwaukee. I should go visit her and catch that music festival. sounds cool!

  5. Susan

    What beautiful pictures! But I shall enjoy it from afar. While it looks very beautiful, it is very COLD!! Congratulations on your resilience!!

  6. Freshly fallen snow is the best! I only don’t like it when it gets all slushy and grimy.

    Honestly, surviving winter in a car-based culture seems so much easier than in a walking-based one. Luckily, I’m in a walking-based one, but it’s not very cold. I can’t imagine being in northern France or, brrrr, Germany!

    • yes, those darn automobiles make a mess of all the beauty don’t they? I noticed that afternoon that it wasn’t nearly as beautiful and a lot of the snow on the branches had melted. plus the fog added a little bit to the view as well.

  7. I agree with you! To me, snow is still amazing. Similar experience; I grew up in California and now live in Ohio. After 20+ years here I sometimes wish it would not fall on the streets or sidewalks,… but still, its gorgeous. Artistic, peaceful, magic and fun. Thanks for sharing!

  8. That is so BEAUTIFUL! However I hope I never ever ever have to see it again for myself (except in photos)!

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