Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

I’d guess most people would say that their cat is unique.  And certainly that is true. No two cats are alike.  But I have never had a cat like Fritz.  And I’m sure there are others who will say that their cat does what Fritz does.  He is continually looking for new places to go.  A few weeks ago he hopped into the waste basket in my office and it was so cute that I ran and grabbed my camera:

Since that day he continues to hop into that basket.  He’s so darn goofy!! And adorable :)

Then, we were doing some cleaning and I had placed some papers into a box to shred.  I turned around and there was Fritz inside that box!  Ooo!  Somewhere new I’ve never been. Let me get inside there!

So, even though every cat is unique I’ve never had a cat like Fritz!

Oops! I forgot to include the link so you all can view more posts from this challenge. Editing to include that.


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31 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

  1. What a beautiful puff of a cat! Great post! z

  2. Precious, and very unique, Toby. :)

  3. Cats definitely each have their own unique personas! Always a character — and Fritz has such a cute mischievous face! ~ Kat

  4. vastlycurious.com

    I have never really liked cats but Fritz reminds me of a friend here with amazing eyes!!

  5. That is a very good looking cat! Thanks for the good comment today about that crazy pink toilet. Another era!

    • Yes, 50s I’m thinking. My house was built in 1952. wish I had taken more photos of that bathroom before we demolished it. ah well. Fritz is lucky he’s so cute. he is rather rambunctious (read: destructive) ;) I love the mohawks photo of yours as well. fun!

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  8. Cats are so cute! Sometimes I think I’d love to have one. But other times, I think, what a hassle since we like to travel a lot, and to have to pay for a vet all the time. Maybe, one day, when we “settle down” (if we settle down…………).

    • Cats are great! for small weekend trips we just leave them a lot of food, make sure the toilet seats are up in case they happen to drink all the water in their dog-sized water bowl(we had two cats and a dog at one time and they all shared this water bowl), and they are usually fine. But, you’re right, extended trips we need to find someone to come in and feed them. One of our neighbors is usually around and then we get them a little something as a thank you. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Fritz is way cool. Great name.

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  13. aw, Fritz is such a cutie! we juist adopted a cat ourselves about a week ago – and although Timmy also is unique of course, as you say, he is not for boxes and containers. rather, he likes to sit up high on window sills, or inside cupboards if you leave the doors open just for a second.
    by the way, the webshots blog has since been removed as well. i have begun reinventing some of my webshots albums in a new blog where i post once a week, on Sundays. however new photos are also part of that mix. i am also including new images as well. if you would like to check it out, the link will take you to today’s post on Timmy. but no pressure! :)

    • thanks! cats are so much fun aren’t they? I started recreating my posts here, some are still “ugly” with the links to photos broken. I don’t have too many more to recreate though so I’m getting there! Is the link to your new blog on your blog here? oh, I think I see what you mean. will check it out, thanks!

  14. So cute, and eyes filled with character and mischief :-) I have a cat who likes to sit in the sink…..somehow he manages to look dignified while being quite ridiculous :-)

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